Saturday, July 21, 2007


I put together this slideshow to remind me that we are not the only ones waiting. The pictures tug at my heart, but hopefully all the children will have loving homes. I also commend our agency, and so many others for working so hard in many countries to provide food, shelter and other necessities for the worlds orphaned children.

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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Ladybug Sighting in NJ

Thoughts on good friends and daughters

For the first time since I moved back to NJ I have met some wonderful people, some through our adoption agency and others through the network of adoption.
Also since our new neighbors moved in, we have been hanging out and having some real fun for a change, like relaxing out on the back porch, sharing stories, going to the pool and laughing till my belly aches. One of the most endearing remarks Rob said was that he loved raising his two daughters while we were discussing our adoption. It was so funny because his 20 something youngest daughter said "Dad, why would you want girls? We are so difficult". Daddy Rob just replied, "there's nothing better then loving my girls". I almost cry when I write this, because it reminds me of how my Dad loves my sister and I (although to this day my sister thinks I am the fav because I am the oldest, but I say, what are you talking about Maxine, you got the nose job you wanted LOL).
So it all brings me back to how my husband "pretends" this wait doesn't bother him, but every now and then I catch him bragging about adopting, and talking about things we will do once we have our little baby girl. It is truly exciting to hear him talk about her and what kind of sports he already thinks we should get her started in (sports, is that what men think little girls should be doing on their free time, he's still has a little reading to do). Though he has already raised a wonderful son, I know he misses him a great deal, especially since he is away at college working. So l can tell he truly is excited about being a new Daddy again to a sweet little girl, who will also be a sibling to Kenan. These thoughts all warm my heart, the fact that one day, a child will be chosen for us, and this child will bring so much love and happiness into all our lives. This thought, this lifelong dream is what makes this wait so very worth it.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Mei Mei for Isabella

I was so touched to hear my friend Natalies' voice on the phone after she returned home from China. I had so many questions and she was patient enough to answer them all. Isabella got on the phone to say hello and her sweet voice just made me smile. I followed every bit of this journey and I am so happy everyone is home. You guys just made my week! Thanks Natalie for letting me post these pics so everytime I look at my blog I see these two magnificent children, nurtured with love and so happy. I cracked up at the pic of Elliana not wanting to put her feet on the grass. Wow does she have some exploring to do. Oh and by the way, I think Isabella is starting to love the camera, such a natural beauty. Well, congratulations again.
Give these girls big smooches for me.
While we are on the subject here of children, I was sitting outside a store waiting for Dani and lots of people were hurrying by to get out of the heat. Along comes this Mom and her two small little girls, the youngest probably 2 yrs old. As they past by, the little girl just turned to me and gave me this sweet little smile and waved at me with her tiny hand. So I waved back and thought, wow interesting, all the adults were just passing on by I guess trying to also get out of the heat, but one child made the effort to say hello. So perhaps as adults we need to be more like that little girl, and just say hi to someone to make their day.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Okay I know it's 9 months, but please tell that to my heart

I am going to try and mark this month as a true milestone in our adoption process. As I said earlier, most women would have already delivered at nine months, while those of us in the adoption journey endure a longer pregnancy, probably even longer than that of an elephant. However with a bit of humor, faith and patience, we are all hoping this wait shortens up. It's very easy to fall instantly in love with a child you will eventually have placed in your arms. Dani and I both feel that way and despite the rollar coaster ride of this journey, we are totally in love with a little girl from China whom we have never met. The facts we are certain of is she will be our forever daughter, have beautiful black hair and big brown eyes and may be as young as 9mths or old as 18mths. We have so many long months ahead, and hope will all our hearts this wait does shorten.

So we wait, I blog, shop, eat, journal, read, work, email, swap fabrics, make quilts, and so on.

Also on this July 7, 2007 I read an interesting fact, there are 7 spots on ladybugs, Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket How cool.
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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

This is what my heart say's every day

Flower Text -

Yes my little one, my heart waits for you, this second, minute and every hour till the day we bring you home!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

From the perspective of being Paper Pregnant

I used to think that waiting nine months for a baby was a long time for women who could get pregnant. Wow has my perspective has changed on that. According to our timeline, I am just starting a second trimester, so tell me friends, how do I justify "eating for two" and a weight gain that doesn't exactly show in my tummy, more like thighs and a little junk in the trunk here.

Visual Poetry -
Well, it's all worth it as far as I see it. The wait and weight gain.

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