Friday, April 6, 2012

To crawl or walk...what will she do?

The weather has been beautiful this week, so once again I dusted off my camera and went out to take some much needed photos of Shelby.  BTW pardon the funky hair piece I can't say I like it but that face, oh I can't resist:))  So I carried Shelby to the park and we found some shade and great light.  I immediately started taking photos, but unlike Kira who so dislikes the camera this tot is always saying "cheese", it's pretty funny, only thing is I want some pout every now or then, then I say am I crazy?  Who wants their child pouting, but it's all for the sake of a good photo, only!

Shelby quickly discovered she loved being outside and much to my surprise stood up!!!  Yes I couldn't believe it, she stood and held onto the tree.  So the looks she's giving seem to say "you want me to do what? Why? I love being carried everywhere!"

 Then I put her on the grass to see if she would crawl and yep indeed, the babe crawled.  Momma was very happy indeed.  Only 3 weeks home after being in traction and that mermaid wrap for 7 weeks, Shelby was finally crawling.  Prior to this she was extremely timid about crawling and only wanted to sit or lie on her tummy.  She also lost about 5 pounds so she's so tiny again and needs to get some strength back in those skinny legs.  So I was doing my own PT with her in a fun way and I think she actually realized she could negotiate corners better if she crawled.

We couldn't be happier for this small milestone in her recovery!  I'm thrilled and she knows it.  Well gotta run now.  More posts to come.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring is here!

So the day started off packing drinks and snacks, setting up the car and heading off to CHOP for Kira's follow up on the ruptured ear drum scenario.  I felt so organized, the girlies were fed, bathed and dressed an entire hour before we had to leave!  Yay for me.  We arrived early and I went to check in and the receptionist told me "uh hmmm, her appointment was yesterday".  I asked her again and she repeated it.  Okay it was my fault I gazed at the calender and for some reason thought it was a Thursday not Wednesday.  I felt so bad dragging them all the way into the city and even worse knowing I had to come back next week.   Mental notes don't cut it any more, now written ones don't either!  I guess being somewhat sleep deprived and stressed doesn't help either, so now I have to find another way to keep my important dates in mind.  Perhaps temporary tatooes!

Well on the way home, we passed by these gorgeous forsythias in full bloom and well I couldn't resist a few shots.  It was late in the afternoon and brisk so Shelby was sitting nearby, staying warm.  Both girls had colds too.  But I wanted some photos of Kira "when she's in the mood", they usually come out best.
Mommy, I picked these for you!

I love Kira's sense of elegance as she held these branches back so gracefully.  Then she
proceeded to act like the typical tomboy she is and ran around the park till she wanted to go home.
I love watching her play, she's always fascinated me and still does as it takes so little (when we're outdoors) to entertain her.
Awh, my baby love still holding her flowers for me. 

I couldn't resist taking this photo from my car.  I do love how the skyline of Philadelphia has changed so.  I used to drive this route hundreds of times when I was working or studying at Penn.  So of course I took a short drive down memory lane and drove right by the doors of the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.  I worked in the operating room as a new graduate and I can still see the window in this photo where I would sit while circulating and gaze out onto 38th and Spruce.  They were good times and I worked side by side with some of the greatest surgeons in medical history.  I didn't know it then, but HUP taught me so much and I am still grateful for those years of experience.

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