Tuesday, June 26, 2007

These Celeb's just wannt look like me!

This is too funny! Now if I could only dance like Nelly Furtado and do some of that belly dancing I'll be in good shape.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

New Quilts and Birthday Gifts

Well, my sweet friend from California, Laura K. sent me this adorable flannel baby blanket for my Birthday. I bawled my eyes out thinking about our little one running around with this. I can't wait to tell our baby girl the story of how I had one too.. for 21 years! I so want to thank you Laura for such an amazing gift. You are so thoughtful as always. As soon as I can I will upload it for everyone to see.

I also want to thank my very dear friend Michelle for her Birthday surprises. She sent me Chinese Lullubies by the Beijing Choir, the most beautiful melodies I ever heard. In addition Baby Einstein sign language for little ones, and I must say it's a genius idea! What a great way to communicate. I may actually try it out at work! Also a J. Johnson CD that I can de-stress by on my way home. You're the best!

Laura and Michelle have kept me going through some tough waiting. Two fabulous ladies and wonderful friends. Thanks to both of you for making this Birthday so very special.

The flower and butterfly quilt was made by Melinda (again I don't sew, yet) and because I just loved the fabrics and flowers, I asked her to make me a crib quilt. It came out beautiful of course. Now the most interesting quilt she is making is from the 100 Good Wishes Quilt Swap. I participated in a Chinese Province and Culture Swap and each square represents something very specific pertaining to those themes. It's set on a pretty red flowered border. Thanks again Melinda for your talent.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Finally pics and more





BEWARE WATCH DOG (watching out for squirrels, bunnies, birdies and other furry friends ISN'T THAT NICE, MY STEPSON IS PICKING OUT MY RED FERRARI FOR ME HANDSOME STEPSON IN ITALY FOR SCHOOL BROADWAY, OOPS THE DANCERS ARE ONLY 3FT TALTHE YEARLY DANCE RECITALS AND PRETTY BALLERINAS ON POINTE' MY BROTHERS' TWO, AND THEY LOOK JUST LIKE ME! Little sister Maxine, I know what she's thinking "hey Ivy do I have to cook again, isn't this your house?" Oh come on sis, you know you love to cook, that's why I have you over so often!

Yes my sister is the most fabulous cook and baker. She could host a party for 100 and make everything. But I got wise and found this really cool store that sells everything pre-cooked. I mean if I am going to have to be in the kitchen, how can you enjoy the party.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW! (THE VERIZON MAN)
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
My sixteen year old nephew, how did you get so tall. It seemed just like yesterday when you were learning to talk and crawl. Now you're getting your permit to drive! I remember those days. Grown up Jake with his favorite AuntThat's my nephew Jake. Yep we share our Birthday's and love for family.

My Boy Recchi, to serve, protect and lick the bottom of all my yogurt containers.

Zella the cat getting scooby snacks. Wow looks like she's more interested in getting her picture taken too. Isn't she the cutest!

So for my friends, here's a peek into my life with family. My kids currently have fur and four legs and like to lick a lot and eat off the floor. Gee I hope I can change their eating habits soon LOL. The great thing about these animals, is the unconditional love they give in return. Some days I just want to stay home, not work just to give them more attention and love. It's actually very nice to know that they are good with children, especially the dog licker, he sees a little baby and pulls me towards the stroller, of course I move to the other side of the street until the Mom invites me over so her child can pet the big doggie. It's too funny, he gives one big lick, wags his tail and says, okay let's go home now and play some ball. I sit and daydream sometimes about the dog being chased around the house by this little toddler, our daughter! I can almost hear her laughing and running on the wooden floors as she tries to catch up with him. Oh, how I can't wait for that day and more. Guess for now I will continue to daydream about ladybugs and my little girl.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Advice from Holt

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Every month a wonderful newsletter comes out from our agency. A few weeks ago I was asked if they could publish some witty comments I made about how to deal with the long waiting times. Actually all I did was follow the advice of Jania, who told me to have "fun" during the wait, so I followed her advice and did the following:
-Went on a great vacation
-Started back to college, again, now 2 course to go (will graduate with my stepson)!
-Re-decorated the house$
-Learning Mandatory Yoga!
-Accepted that you can eat ice cream and not feel guilty.
-Realized that calling Oregon and chatting with the China Team is very good Therapy!
-Day dreaming officially allowed, when not at work.
-Buying girly clothes is so much fun.
-Staying close with my adoption Mama's to be keeps me sane.
-Met our new neighbors, we finally have friends LOL
-Keeping a monthly journal for our little girl
-Have 3 quilts made alreaady!
-Learning to not dwell on this long wait, (just please pray it gets a wee shorter)

What is very exciting to me is that the front page features a little girl named Kira, another "Red Thread Connection" I say. Wow, it made happy.

Thanks Holt China Team for allowing me to help others get through this wait as well.


Saturday, June 9, 2007

It's My Birthday and I'll cry if I wanna

Yep another year older! Wiser I am not sure, (though I am back in college, again). Guess I will have to wait another year for our little one, but as they say, great things come to those who wait. How I hope, because I am waiting and waiting here!

Guess I have to reflect back on what a great year this really has been.

We started this journey, which is more than I could have ever dreamed of and I really am so very grateful to my supportive husband and adoring family. Yep, they too want this little one here soon as well, so it's good to know that my biggest fans are those I so very much love. So I give a big hug and smooch to my parents, sister Maxine and Company and brother Mark and Company. Remember nice nieces, you are now official babysisters! So I do feel happy today, to be surrounded by the love of family.
Oh and it's just not my birthday, it's nephew's Jake's too. Yep, what a great gift I got 15yrs ago when Jake was born, I even got to hold him before the doc handed him over to my sister! (She was too busy worrying about fainting). I paraded around with this tiny infant in the halls. It was a beautiful day, just like today.
Guess I can't complain, I could cry if I want to because I feel so old! But I won't, I do know I am content to know that what I have accomplished I am proud of, and will hopefully be the best Mama in the world (is that why they make those Baby Einstein CD's?).

So I look forward to this day and everyday. Thank you all for making this a very special day for me to always remember.

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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

To Kira (waiting for us somewhere in China)

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I love you in my heart, it is all that I can do.
but soon, Sweet Kira, we will be holding you.
I think about that day and how happy we will be,
All the while I will remember of how you came to me.
We will travel around the world when the CCAA says "go",
To meet you dear child, hold you close not wanting to let go.
We promise all our love and will teach you properly;
Yet thru the years I will remember how you came to me.
As we wait, we realize how this house needs your laughter.
Yet as I sit to write this, I realize that finally we'll become a family
Forever after!
So for now, please know how very much you're loved.
Until we meet sweet darling, I'll think of your beautiful future to be,
Never forgetting, just how you got to me.
You have captured my heart, Kira Bella
Your Mama to be
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketLittle ladybug come fly home to me!

Happy 8 Month LID Anniversary

We made it this far, now let's just hope this is the 1/2 way point. I really, really try to not look at dates, but I remember telling myself, June 6th will be 8mths since we were Logged in to the China Center for Adoption Affairs. I remember the email from our China Team leader, it was right before the holidays and I was so happy because at least we knew our precious dossier finally found it's way to it's own place in the stack of Dossiers. It was relief and one more small step to our baby girl. Now the wait has climbed to 20mths. So what's an "adoption Mama to be" to do...easy, shop, shop, shop and not for me for a change. What a great feeling, and it didn't take a Dove bar, nor Edy's "not so light" chocolate mint ice cream! I just have to lay off that stuff, the odd thing is I DON'T EVEN LIKE DOVE BARS AND ICE CREAM!

So retail therapy proved very PROFITABLE for the local baby boutique today. Funny that I just came from an eye doctor appointment and didn't realize that my eyes were dilated till I walked outside. Ouch, with sunglasses an all, I just happened to find myself stranded in a small strip mall where I was able to find shelter from the sun in this exlusive little baby boutique. How convenient was that! It really was too funny, because I couldn't see the prices, nor the sizes and had to ask these nice ladies to help me. They kept asking what size is the baby? I kept saying I don't know? Then they asked is she yours? And naturally I said yes. I just realized that they looked seemed very confused, so after a few awkward seconds, I proudly told them we were adopting. Then every sales lady bustled around to help (though I am not sure if it was the fact I still couldn't see the prices on those tags). It was too cute.

After I got home and parked in the driveway, I opened the bag of clothes and studied them for a few minutes. I started to imagine a little girl wearing these cute outfits and realized that little girl will one day be my daughter. So I cried, tears of joy of course, then gently refolded them and put them in my closet next to my favorite things and then ran straight to the ice cream, only this time, hubby beat me too it!

Monday, June 4, 2007

All I want for my Birthday Is our Daughter

After 5 cups of coffee, no chocolate and some good retail therapy, I am still hanging in there! It's the first week of the month again, and we wait patiently to find out how fast or slow waiting families are receiving their referrals. We still have at least another 12mths and sometimes the waiting just gets unbearable.

However, this month is special. I, along with my nephew Jake, will be celebrating our Birthdays on the same day! Yep, I was there when he showed his face to the world for the first time, and what a cute face it was and still is. Now 15 years later, I wonder how he got so tall and can kick my butt on the tennis court (then anyone can do that). So I realized, when you are really not paying attention to time, it just flies by without you knowing it! Guess that was the big light bulb moment that came on in my head. Not paying attention to the long wait will result in less intake of chocolate, coffee and birthday cake. My wonderful husband keeps asking me what I would like for my birthday and I keep telling him
Okay, time for a tissue and a reality check here. It's hard being "Paper Pregnant" for 19months or more, but I will stay true to our dream, because, somewhere in China a little girl will wait for us while we wait with open arms for her.
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