Friday, October 31, 2008

Random Cuteness

Why not be colorful on such a colorful day.
Got a smile!

Love My Blog Makeover

I am so excited that I went for the blog makeover!  Danielle, thank you so much for putting it all together and dealing with my billion questions.  You were absolutely wonderful to work with and did everything I requested.  Well worth it and didn't take long at all.  I'm sure I will love this for a long time!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Poem About Friendships

I wrote your name on a piece of paper, but by accident I threw it away.
I wrote your name on my hand, but it washed away.
I wrote your name in the sand, but the waves whispered it away.
I wrote your name in my heart, and forever it will stay.

My little collector of anything and everything

Sitting with her computer and contemplating if that whole basket can fit in the car!
Okay, that's good, just a few stuffed animals will do!
I caught her looking straight up at me, snapped a quick photo
The latest charade that is Kira's absolute favorite thing to do, is unload the pantry and pile cans neatly on the floor.  Maybe she's telling me "hey that looks good" or "get rid of this stuff".  But I have to admit it is hilarious to see her open the closet and one by one, very patiently take a can and find it another place in the kitchen.  While the wood floor has it's share of dents now, at least her little toes are intact.  I should make her wear steel tipped boots, but she prefers barefeet.

Our Phillies Won

Well, I'm not a sports fanatic, but watching our baseball team win last night was pretty exciting.  I remember when the Phillies won their first World Series, in 1980, the year I graduated Nursing School, that was exciting.  I remember we didn't have High Definition TV and my brother and I would listen intently to the radio of the games that weren't on TV.  I remember everyone skipping school to go to the parade; but studious, old me, stayed at home and watched the celebration my the comforts of my family room.

Who knew it would take them 28 years to win again, but I must say this city needed a winning team and for once on the nightly news, something good was broadcasted...except for the total mayhem the crazy fans caused in the streets.  

Tomorrow is the big parade.  Once again, I'll be happy to watch from home.  


Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Tempermental 2's

Okay, so being a Mommy is exhausting, but I didn't know one day you woke up and discovered you had bags under your eyes. Today I looked in the mirror and thought, gee better put my glasses on and then it was yep, those are discolored bags under my eyes. Nothing that a little concealer can't fix, but I'm not one for makeup. So I will just have to google "eye bags" and try and figure out how I got them and how to get rid of them. I guess while I have been trying to get my upper body stronger I didn't pay attention to my bags, so to speak. Also where in that "Book that tells you everything you ever wanted to know about toddlers" does it mention one day your baby will discover that he/she can bite and will one day sample you! Yep, my sweetie pie, took a bite first out of my arm, not too bad, then my boob and that hurt! I guess I will have to wear my husband's bullet proof vest for protection against surprise teething attacks. Ouch! I suppose like all "jobs" there are associated battle scars, guess I am just glad she has her baby teeth! . But this day, the cat was drinking water from the sink and the baby discovered she can't play in toilet water. These days I am happy to have the battle scars of motherhood, rest assured they will fade as together we learn how to deal with frustrations, lack of sleep, hunger, communication and so forth

All I know is this sweet little girl learned "no", how to shake her head in defiance, hit, slap and bite, ouch! Overthe last month this behavior has gotten worse and people have reassured me that she's going through her terrible two stage. I just don't understand this developmental stage, but then again it's one of many during any child's lifetime. I think I have discovered that if I head her off at the pass, so to speak, I can usually avoid some major meltdown. My other problem is that she's so stinkin cute, even when she's mad or frustrated, it's pretty hard to find some time out for her. I had to ask my own Mom if I did these things and the answer was yes. So I'm glad this is all normal and not part of any other behavior issues. Kira just wants my attention, ALL THE TIME! She doesn't care if I am in the bathroom, kitchen, closet, laundry room or cleaning out cat litter. My little darling is right beside me, watching everything I do with a smile on her face and a look of interest.
Does my approach work all the time? Hardly, but I find that if I treat her with affection and understanding, she calms down and for any of you going through this, FORGET ABOUT REASONING WITH ANY CHILD WHEN THEY ARE TIRED and need a nap, which is when they are more likely to act out. So while some of the books and docs are right (especially about consistency) each child is different. I don't like to see my sweetie cry, and lately she will take a fall, or hurt a toe and not make one sound, but if I'm on the phone, or answering emails, here come the crocodile tears, flooding the floor. Oh, how does such a tiny peanut know to how to lay it on so heavy! Even I can't do that, well maybe I did. it's like acting, crying on cue.
Actually my dear friend Yoli told me to just hold her through the entire tantrum. I try that most times and she will eventually fall asleep in my arms. Thanks Yoli because this technique really works nicely rather than letting a child "cry it out on the floor".
So now I wonder how long does it last? Hopefully another month or two! The books say it can all last till age 3. Guess I'll find out soon enough. Meanwhile lots of play and one on one are working wonderfully. Hooray, I am doing something right!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Ladybug in the window

You are such a beautiful child Kira

Just a few minutes ago I spotted a ladybug in the window. I pointed it out to Kira who loves ladybugs and she stared at it till she crawled all the way up out of sight! The oddest thing is that today I am participating in our Adoption Agency's Webinar to talk about my process in the waiting child program. In addition we are considering a sister for Kira, just not sure when the right time is. Perhaps that little ladybug was trying to tell me something.

Currently my delightful child does not like to share my attention of affection. She is also very speech delayed and gets frustrated trying to communicate. However, I believe every child is unique and different and will speak when they want. I mean hey I do enough speaking for the two of us! She is saying a few 2 syllable words, which is great. She absolutely understands everything and sometimes she amazes me with the funny things she does. Like today, she put her little socks in her shoes just the way I do for her. She dresses herself, puts her shoes on and combs her hair. She watches attentively at everything I do and tries to be a big girl by imitating me. I just crack up, because some garments she's not sure of, and will wear them around her waist!

Anyway, I just had to blog about our ladybug sighting.
Looking as the Ladybug climbed up the window
This was too funny of a photo to not share. We put Kira's pants on Elmo and it just looked so cute as she was walking with this stuffed toy as big as her. She doesn't go anywhere without him.
Let's go Elmo! You're so slow today, maybe you should eat your wheaties!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Picking Pumpkins in a real Pumpkin Patch

There's the pumpkin patch!

Okay, try saying that title 3 times real fast! Actually I was probably more excited than Kira was to go Pumpkin Picking as I have never done that before. To actually go out in the fields and pick your own pumpkin made me feel like some little kid again. It was such a cold morning and both Kira and I have rather ugly colds, but we managed to make it to the tractor ride for a bumpy ride out past small growing Evergreens, beautiful maple and oak trees and funky decorations put up for the night hay rides. It was cute to see the faces of all the kids on the ride to the pumpkins. Some had been there before and acted as if it was their first time. Then I remembered how I too as a young child looked forward to dressing up in a silly costume and going from house to house collecting as much sugar as their were people to give it out. I also remember stomping through the leaves with friends, and now thought that I am going to re-live some of my past memories with my little daughter. I want us to share many "firsts" together. I had a huge smile on my face and I looked at Kira as she thought "I'd rather be watching Elmo".
So this is what all the excitement is about!
Mommy, come get me now because you put me on these wet pumpkins!
Oh so this is dirt, a new experience.
Got another pumpkin. This was so much fun!

Kira's thinking, hey I got my pumpkin, now let's go!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Finally Pumpkins and more Pumpkins

Yep, didn't have any, just took a picture of these yummy, homebaked pies!  Oh what was I thinking!
Posing with Mommy
There sure is a lot of Pumkins around here!  

Okay, my brother will get me my pumpkin.  This was so funny, she pulled Kenan by the hand to the one she really picked out.
As you can see, there she is pointing right at her big pumpkin.  I want that one!
Look, there's pumpkins everywhere!  
Maybe I'll take these too!
Nope, this is the one I want.  She's a strong baby!
Still trying to figure out what all these pumpkins are for and why everyone was looking for the perfect one.  What a fun day on the farm we had!  

Elmo is her Homeboy

Playing with my lion, tiger and Elmo in my dog's bed, which is now mine!

Loves this sweat shirt which is 3 times too big.  If she's not wearing it, she snuggles with it in bed.  
Kira taking in the sites with her "portable" Elmo and her washcloth
We were going out for pizza and of course so was Elmo.  Oh the washcloth sometimes doubles as a hat.

Kira has an amazing connection to her furry toys now.  It's wonderful to watch her play.  When she first got home, she didn't want anything to do with soft, plush toys, hence her rough, plain old washcloth, which she still uses to pacify her.  But since she found the big, red, furry guy, she's a happy little camper.  She has a big Elmo to snuggle with and a little Elmo for travel purposes.  Recently she's even gotten attached to Big Bird and Zoe, Elmo's friends.  How sweet.  We even took her to Sesame Place where she got to see the real Elmo on stage.  The look on her face was precious as I wondered what she was possibly thinking.  So Elmo goes everywhere with her, even if it means wearing an Elmo tee shirt and sweat shirt to bed.  Yep, that's my girl, tee shirts and sweats!  

Friday, October 17, 2008

Running for Pumpkins

This child just loves to run
and run
and run!  Hey wait for me. Don't ya love those shoes.  Too cute!
Mommy, can the yellow chicken come with?
Oh, such a sweet face.  She loves flowers and we found this daisy basking in the sun

Guess Pumpkins don't grow up in the trees, so where are they?
ooh, found some Pumpkins, they grow on steps near houses.

I just love the east coast in the fall. After such a hot summer, it's so nice to take a walk with Kira by my side and enjoy the fresh air. Yes, occasionally NJ does have fresh air, you just have to get out early in the morning to take advantage of it! This week we had beautiful weather and every morning we walked as I would point out colors, the chirping of birds or just the pretty changing colors of the trees.

Since our little chick is speech delayed due to her palate issue, I am trying to talk at every chance I get to her so that she hears different sounds and words. I think those that know me will think, this is not a difficult task and she's a rather interesting student! It's funny because she won't sit still enough for me to get through 1 page of a book, so instead I just make things up as we go along. I do hope no one is listening as I walk hand in hand with my peanut and sing, talk and make up silly stories for her.

Okay, so these are the photos I took on this wonderful fall day, as I walked, and Kira ran in her new shoes!

Pumpkins in the cornfields
Gold among the brown
Leaves of rust and scarlet
Trembling slowly down
Birds that travel southward
Lovely time to play
Nothing is as pleasant
As an autumn day!
author unknown

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Introducing our Hunan Beauty, Kira Bella

Everyday I gaze down at Kira and realize how fortunate we are to have her as our daughter. She is so amazing, always happy, smiling, entertaining and full of toddler energy. She bonded quickly to both of us and since I now stay at home with her, she won't let me out of her sight, so I began taking her to Mommy and Me classes and other activities to get her more socialized with children of various ages.
Recently she learned to skip, jump and walk up the stairs! Yep, not my favorite thing for her to do of course, but she learned how to disarm the gate, and so up she goes. Her favorite friend is her dog, my huge shephard, who doesn't like being confused for a pony. However the baby doesn't realize that and therefore likes to sit on him and give him big hugs.
Since Kira's palate repair, she's learned so many new sounds and oh, how Iove to hear that baby babble. She's a bit behind in speech because of that, but certainly understands everything I say. She is trying so hard to make words and actually does say,
apple (which means ball), cat, Mamma, Ad (Dad), lion and light. Yep her first words aren't even the easiest to say, but hey, she's saying them. Sometimes she gets so excited to hear her voice she just yells ga ga ga or ya ya ya in the middle of a store. Everyone around us just cracks up! Oh, guess I should mention she's not shy for attention.
Yes this charming little girl, our daughter, is a true treasure that indeed was WORTH THE WAIT!

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