Monday, September 3, 2007

One Year Ago

One year ago, this month we were doing the "paperchase" for a little girl we would come to name Kira. Though our little daughter is probably not even born yet, we couldn't help the joy and love we immediately felt. There was a connection, an unseparable bond between us, and emotions that only grew with each passing month. For us the "paperchase" was actually fun, it validated the adoption through all the notarizing, certifying and authentication we had to do. I remember when the brown envelope came all the way from Guangzhou, China, which meant our petition to adopt overseas was approved by the USCIS. Ultimately a red folder came with our completed Dossier from our agency and the wait was officially on.
Though, the time for a referral has almost doubled since last year, we still hold onto the hope of holding our daughter in our arms. We have no idea when, which is so frustrating, however as they say, patience is a virtue. I wasn't a patient individual then, but since, you can say I am learning. Perhaps, it's all for a reason, afterall as a first time Momma I'm gonna need patience. So I believe with all my heart, this wait, will be worth it.
I am trying so hard to remain optimistic for another whole year, maybe more, but I must, for as my friend said, "there is a little girl who needs me as much as I need her".
I so need you sweet Kira, to love, hold, comfort, inspire, teach and other things I can't think of without crying here. So for now, I must be content with knowing you will find your way to us when you are ready.
Something amazing to look forward to, our child, our daughter, our destiny.

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Jewels of My Heart said...

I just found your blog. I just want to say, Hang in there. One day you will hold your baby in your arms and all the fear, frustration and heartache will melt away.
God's Speed

Norma said...

I started my journey 1 year ago this month too - Sept. 2! Since I am in the WC program I *hopefully* will see my daughters face in the next month or 2 and hold her in my arms 6-8 months later. I wish you much courage in your wait - it will be worth it in the end - and maybe wait times will shorten soon!

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