Sunday, January 3, 2010

Playing Catch Up

This week we will celebrate two years since the day we met and held our daughter for the first time. I find it so hard to believe that so much time has already gone by, however when I look at this child I see her changing every day. She is so curious and loving and still struggles a bit with speech issues. She has a great sense of humor and loves to get messy! She's a girly girl alright! One day she walked over to me with smeared red lipstick all over her face and make up foundation on her clothes. Well, I tried so hard to not laugh and just told her how pretty she looked! She continues to insist that I put make up and lipstick on her, but doesn't realize that I can't afford my Channel facial products anymore so I substitute chapstick:))

Last month we finally took her to Disney and met up with my dearest friend Natalie and her family. Natalie and I have known one another before the adoption of her second daughter and it was pure joy to finally meet in person. What an amazingly wonderful lady, mother and friend. Our girls just clicked and became immediate friends and it truly was a magical time there. I'll be posting those pics later. Guess I have a lot to catch up on.

In the meantime, my blogging has been seriously slacking. Honestly I've not had the energy to write, then think that I owe it to Kira to keep this going as a keepsake for her. I've been trying hard to get my new business SIMPLY CANDID PHOTOGRAPHY promoted and indeed December proved to be a busy month for holiday family shoots. I was thrilled, as I got to meet some great clients and it kept my mind occupied (well sometimes).

It's still a novelty to hear myself say "my daughter" or to hear her call me "Mommy". During the last few months, I clung to Kira, needing her more than ever as I tried so hard to figure out how to cope without my mother. I would look down at Kira and tell her the same stories my mom would tell me and then I realized how good it felt to remember those stories, the tenderness of my mothers' touch and her sweet voice. I still struggle through the days and nights, but realize how happy my mother was that I had Kira in my life. So I hold onto precious memories now and try to create new ones for sweet Kira.

So here's a little glimpse of the past few months.


Kim said...

Praying 2010 is filled with much love and blessings! Kira sure is a cutie!

Melanie said...

Hi Ivy!!
I am so happy to see your updates. Kira is so beautiful and how fun to go to Disney! I pray that 2010 will be a blessed year for you. I hope you look at my blog and see what all Jailynn has been up to. We just submited a Letter Of Intent for Feng-feng. We are praying for an approval and for God to provide!

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