Monday, May 17, 2010

Back for Spring!

Yes I've been missing from blog land the past few months and have also missed blogging! Mostly because this blog is about my daughter and I know in a few months from now I'll forget the little things that make me smile ear to ear on a daily basis.

Over the past few months, this child has gone from shy to outgoing, diapers to "princess" big girl panties and can not only count to 10 in english, but spanish as well. I have to agree I was shocked that she learned spanish so quickly and recently has started to enjoy hearing her vocal ranges, which really cracks me up! I'm not talking about singing either...little miss sassy pants has a way of asserting herself around her 110lb dog (who really runs away at this point), she thinks by barking louder than him, or screaming in his ear, he'll move out of her way or stop barking. So needless to say the house gets very noisy.

My daughter delights me in every way. She is very intuitive and sensitive and seems to pay very close attention to emotions lately, often asking me why characters in a book are sad or happy. She even flushed the Little Mermaid down the toilet so that she could get to the ocean to find her prince! So no harm done, no plumber needed, I thought that was pretty smart actually, but Daddy wasn't as amused.

This must be an innate toddler question... every sentence begins with "why" and usually ends with me changing the subject after the 20th "why" question! Needless to say I think I've met my match as far as who can out talk who in this house, guess I never really knew I had a gift for gab till I see Kira imitating me.

Not a day goes by that I don't think about how fortunate I am to have this child as my daughter. She keeps me on my toes for sure and always thinking and searching for the right answers to so many of her questions. I'm happy she's easily entertained and wants to play with her Momma. I know all too well how quickly time moves on, so I'm going to cherish her milestones and love every single day!


Jboo said...

So happy to see you back!! What an amazing and sweet daughter! Don't you just love this age! I'm sure you're smiling and laughing all day long (well, almost all day, right)! :)


a Tonggu Momma said...

Oh, Ivy... so glad you are back. You have been missed! And so glad little miss is just growing by leaps and bounds (and not just physically)!

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