Thursday, January 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Sweet Child

Yes, my child is turning 4 years old today!  I can not believe it because I think I am still on "pause" mode, trying to preserve the previous 3 years to the best of my ability.  I watched her at a year old trying to take her first steps and make sense of adorable babble.  Now she can out run the fastest toddlers in town and yes (it's hard to believe) but she can actually out talk me, her Momma!!!  It's hilarious.

Kira is truly a Mommy's girl, which I absolutely love especially when she tries to intentionally act older by softly telling me to "go over there Momma so I can make some friends" and then as evening falls she will cuddle up with her favorite blankie, sweatshirt, book and pj's and want me to hold her "very tight" till she drifts off to sleep.  I savor these moments especially because she's just so busy all day!  When she's finally fast asleep I look down at her and still see a baby.  I stare at her wondering if she'll remember these tender moments, but for certain I will.

This child is so very special in so many ways, not because she's my daughter but because of her innate ability to comfort others.  Her personality is evolving but she remains so giving, loving and affectionate to her parents and family.  She's concerned and asks many questions, which I try to answer on her level.  She's maintained an incredible sense of humor that still amazes and surprises me.  Loving her is easy and so natural and I smile to myself thinking how fortunate and proud I am to be her mother.

So we wish you a wonderful Birthday sweet Kira as you continue to grow and explore your world.  You remain the center of our world, today and always.

You are so very loved!


Mate said...

She's so adorable ! :>

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