Sunday, September 25, 2011


So now we wait for our I-800A and LOA till we know approximately when we'll be going to Gansu.  We will have the surgeon write us a letter detailing the urgency for Baby Wu's surgery and hopefully USCIS will expedite our immigration paperwork.

For now some days I just sit and wonder how am I going to deal with one child in a hospital hours away and Kira home wondering what is going on???  I'd be a fool to not worry, but it's truly not good for me.  I have to laugh because I have to have at least two bottles of Pepto Bismol on each floor because my stomach just hurts all the time.  Hey the pink stuff works too.  Then trying foolishly to get in shape I tore three ligaments in my left foot a month ago.  So just to keep me company my dog broke his paw last week and now he's sporting a red cast like bandage.  Yes, we may be injury prone around here, but thankfully nothing too serious.  I think the worrying and ulcer issue may need some attention here soon.  I try so hard to not think, perhaps that's the answer, don't think!

My biggest worry is financial now.  While the adoption costs are covered, there's incidentals that will not be.  I've never worried about finances before, but there are all the unknowns, such as where will we stay, how much will it cost and if we can't stay then I'll have to leave her in the hospital and drive back and forth daily.  That's probably what I will do and though I know it's exhausting I can be with the baby and come home to be with Kira too.  Well for now I'm going to take it day by day.   I asked for some updated photos and we have to send our photos to her foster family.

Thankfully I have met some other parents with children who have gone through the surgery and are doing just fine now.  I know that's the re-assurance I need right now.  Everything else, including the money worries seem insignificant when I think of the lengthy surgery such a tiny child will have to endure.  But again knowing she will be with the best team of professionals in the world in itself is soothing.

So for now.  We wait for more documents and then our much anticipated letter for Travel Approval.

Hang in there sweet baby!


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