Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Taking Baby Steps, Langzhou continued

By the third day, Shelby was smiling, playing with Kira and in Mandarin, asking to be picked up by me!  Oh how good that felt.  Most importantly she seemed happy, started to cackle at our antics to make her laugh, and then it just clicked for all of us!  She played peek a boo, would imitate Kira's every move (which I think started to annoy little Kira) and started talking (again in Mandarin) very consistently and appropriately, according to Kaige.  We were told that she speaks excellent Mandarin and can say, pick me up, down, hungry, thirsty, no, yes.  We also found out that she is a big flirt and winks at adults (both men and female).  Where ever we went with both girls, especially to restaurants, we were surrounded by waitresses wanting to engage both girls in play or conversation.  It was so enjoyable to watch, but I must admit it got tiring when all we wanted to do was have a decent meal at the end of a busy day!

The time we spent in Langzhou was very busy, with Kaige doing the best she could trying to get the baby's passport ready in time for our trip to the US Consulate in Guangzhou.  One day we spent shopping to gather some necessities we didn't bring with us.  We were concerned about Shelby's low weight so since we were told she is still on formula, well, we bought formula, bottles and even more pacifiers.  What we were surprised to find is that this child drinks straight out of a water bottle, totally dislikes formula and will only eat normal food!  Yay for that.  Instead, baby bottles were used to irrigate her bladder and cups for bathing.  We donated the formula to the orphanage, along with any other supplies we didn't need.

There's about 3 eggs, pancakes and waffles on her plate and she two fisted it all in:))

 That day we headed out with Kaige to another part of the Lanzhou.  I found the architecture so beautiful and in stark contrast to the old buildings that seem to dwarf these modern high rises. 


Oh how I loved all the bronze sculptures in this garden!

Pretty Shelby, still a bit hesitant about what was happening and missing her foster family.
That night for the first time in three days, she sobbed herself quietly to sleep.  I would try to stroke her face or rub her back and she would push me away and turn her head away.  It was so awful to see this child of ours grieving so for the only family she knew.  We were confident with some time, she would come around and there would be more smiles on that pretty face!

Kaige was a huge help with Kira.  She often would just take her hand and make her feel comfortable when it seemed all attention was on Shelby.  Oh and Ariel had a big part too:))


Chasing Dreams Photography said...

she is so precious!!! Love all the pictures and post..xoxo

Yoli said...

She is so beautiful Ivy.

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