Friday, June 22, 2012

Welcome Summer 2012


The heat is on!  Summer started off here on the east with an incredibly oppressive heat wave.  However, that also means hours in a plastic child pool, running under the sprinkler, making water filled balloons to throw at anyone who passes by your "fort" and drinking iced tea.  That's what I think of when I recall my lazy days of childhood summers. 

But for some reason I just can't remember it being so stinkin hot out!  Yes you can fry eggs on the pavement (so the news proved the other day)and if I'm not in air conditioning constantly, this Momma is not too happy:))  However, we do have a community pool to really cool things down.

Though I have been very busy entertaining both girls the past few weeks, I was able to fit in a few days worth of blogging and posting photos  which is sort of "phototherapy" to me.  As I have learned "less is best" and I'm referring to the addiction of editing.  Due to lack of time, I somehow had to force myself to stop editing to perfection and simply try to capture their innocence and beauty by forgetting I have a digital camera, pretending it's film and getting the "shot" on the first, okay second try.  

Before it got so ridiculously hot out, I couldn't resist the warm setting sun during the evenings and strolled through the fields to find a place (where both Mom and daughter weren't freaked out but bugs) and catch the dreamy light as it cascading perfectly over my daughter's wide brim hat.  Seems to me these may be my most favorite photos ever as the last photo required no editing except a little de-fogging and the first two I added a bit of contrast to capture the shadows on her pretty dimples.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the warm, lazy summer days!


the long road


Jboo said...

Oh my word -- these are gorgeous photos of your beautiful girl!!! Stunning!!! Love them and her outfit too and that sweet face!!

Steamy hot in the middle part of the country too, but cooled off a bit, so I think that cooler temps are headed your way for the weekend! Enjoy!


Kate said...

So beautiful Ivy! Tell that girl to stop growing up!!!

Teri said...

Very beautiful shots!! Love them! So very hot where we are also!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

OH MY WORD IS RIGHT!!!! I think these are quite possible the best photos you have ever produced.....definitely my favorites of Kira!!! JUST GORGEOUS in every way!! The light is gorgeous..... no real processing needed.

This week was horrible, wash';t it? I was ready for summer, but not the excessive heat. Looks like it will be a bit cooler this weekend....thank heavens.

Hope you, Dani, and the girls have a wonderful weekend~



Gail said...

All of them, breathtaking, Ivy...that first one is amazing!! The light is perfect.

It's cooled off now but it's supposed to get wicked hot again. ugh.

hugs to you,

Jeni said...

So amazed at these Ivy!!! Simply beautiful.

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