Sunday, January 11, 2009

An Amazing Red Thread Connection

This is the photo that we received from the staff.  Melanies two daughters are each on the ends sitting on the nannies laps
Jordyn at home with Mom and her new sister, now awaiting her best friend to be adopted by this family.

After we brought our adopted daughter home from Hunan, I decided to stay in touch with a Yahoo group that was formed for children that came from the You Xian Welfare Institute. This was Kira’s orphanage and since we couldn’t visit there, I was hoping that through conversations I could provide her with memories of her time she spent there.
Months had gone by and very few emails came in. I thought that perhaps few babies came from that orphanage so continued to remain a member of that group. One day a woman wrote in how she just came back with her 8year old daughter and was now in the process of adopting her daughters’ best friend. I was so touched by this story, I emailed her to thank her for having such a big heart to allow these two orphaned girls to remain lifetime “sisters”. I also gave her our travel blog so that she could see what photographs were given to us by the orphanage directors. As it turns out, both of her daughters were in one of the photos we had. Melanie immediately emailed me back to tell me that her daughter Jordyn (currently at home with her) had recognized my daughter’s photo on our website and told her Mom that she helped to care for this baby named Meng Meng. Her mother told me that she seemed certain because of her name and she recognized the nannies with her on gotcha day. I was completely elated, as now I had more information that I could tell Kira about during her early months there.

So we emailed back and forth and have kept in touch.
However, as the financial world seemed to be crumbling, so were the hopes of this family who were now months away from adopting Jordyn’s Mei Mei. They were turned down for one grant and desparetly needed funds for the orphanage and travel. I told Melanie that these two children had to be together and I would try to do what I could to help fundraise.
The connection between our children spans thousands of miles and I feel that we are now all connected through the love our daughters.
I know many people are simply tapped out from the holidays and other understandable reasons. However, I am hoping to host a few auctions and ask that people spread the word of their unique story so that whatever money is donated through my assistance will bring them one step closer to Jailynn.
While I am far from the seamstress or have the talents of some of the wonderful Mamarazzi’s out there, I will auction off some of the most adorable handmade outfits from Daleea’s store that I bought for Kira. I believe there will always be time to buy material things such as clothes, but currently a child waits patiently for her family and time just drags on painfully for her.
All the proceeds will go directly to the Kerr Family Travel Expense fund.




Jewels of My Heart said...

I have chills and could cry... how beautiful is the hand of God as He weaves a precious tapestry that ties us all together. Thank you for helping this family my friend.
I will try to get some things made for your auction and will add the chip in link to my blog. May I copy your post to my blog also?
Have a blessed day and I will be lifting this family up in prayer and pray for God to move the mountain that stands between them and their daughter and these beloved sisters by heart and soon by forever family.

Natalie said...

I will copy the link and do what I can. I am touched by such a beautiful entry. You're all very lucky to have such a special link to your children. It's a beautiful and touching story.
I will be praying that God brings this family to the child he has planned for them.

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