Friday, May 8, 2009

Rain Rain go away!

A sunny Spring Day!  Amazing, the rain has finally subsided, at least for a while anyway.  Even Kira has been saying "outside" Mommy.  I think it's kind of cute that she asks to go outside because one of the first things that I recall from her social evaluation in You Xian was being fond of the outdoors.  And so she is, just like me:))

The past few days we've been playing and watching the flowers start to peek out of my little garden.  The grass is so green and the remnants of a cold winter are now long forgotten.  I almost can't believe that it's Spring, but every where you look there's pretty reminders.

I have neglected my blog and for good reasons.  My sweet daughter usually must have most of my attention, which makes it difficult to blog and keep up.  In addition, I am pursuing my love for photography and have been practicing diligently, which I find is quite time consuming.  Howver, it's so worth it and I can't wait to capture more photos of Kira.  Currently, she runs from the camera or turns her head and who could blame her:))  My good lens requires that I get right up in her face and I guess I would be put out too.  Give her a ball, elmo and a few skittles though and I think she'll cooperate.  Now I need an assistant to direct the light (as I now know from the Pixel Fairy Princess Workshop).  


Felicia said...

These pics are so happy and full of sunshine. We are getting a downpour here. I think it's rained on and off for 10 days straight. Glad you got to enjoy some sunshine.

I hope you have a very Happy Mother's Day!

Life with Kaishon said...

Very beautiful : ). We have been thinking that all this week too! I am so glad the skies finally parted on Thrusday and brought us sunshine!

Natalie said...

Kira's clothes are always soooooo cute!
Enjoy the upcoming summer days!

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