Saturday, May 9, 2009

Thinking of a Mother across the world

Without giving away my, unhmmm age here, let's just say many years ago the hopes and dreams of becoming a biological Mommy were dashed when I was quite young.   I spent the majority of my adult life trying to find answers and "replacements" for the void I had in my heart.  I've had few regrets along the way, one involving a previous relationship and the other not adopting sooner!!!   This post is still very difficult to write and talk about (goodness knows I'm never at a loss for words).  
However,  sixteen months ago I did become a Mommy, to the most amazing little girl in the world, my daughter Kira!  No one could ever convince me that she didn't come from my womb because of the immense love I have for this child.  I never thought it was possible to love so deeply, unconditionally and without conviction, until this child entered my life.  It is an amazing feeling, one that I am sure any mother biological or adoptive could appreciate and I am so glad that I can thank the PRC and Holt International for making my dream of motherhood, reality.  

However, there is also another very important person who I will always think about, not just on Mother's Day, but sometimes all through the year.  That person is Kira's biological mother, who resides half a world away.  I often hope that she knows how loved her daughter is and that she did find her way into our forever family.  I also hope that she is somehow at peace with herself for having to relinquish her tiny newborn.  I know that this woman loved Kira as she kept her for two months before leaving her to be found in Hunan.  It was due to Kira's clefting issue that we believe led to her abandonment, since surgery and follow up care is so expensive there.  It breaks my heart, but at the same time I know she did the right thing, for her baby's sake.  
So today, I am not thinking of myself, I am thinking of Kira's birth mother. 


Kim said...

Beautiful post! Have a wonderful Mother's Day!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Such a beautiful post!!

You are a wonderful Mother and one terrific friend.....enjoy your special day!!


Luv Ya,


mommy24treasures said...

ahhh.... amen... May these lovely brave women be blessed.

Kate said...

Happy Mother's Day Ivy!!!

Life with Kaishon said...

Happy Mothers day Ivy! This post is so beautiful! It touched my heart. I am so thankful for the miracle of your daughter and your precious love!

Jboo said...

What a lovely post!!

Have a wonderful Mother's Day!


Michelle said...

What a beautiful post, Ivy.

I hope you have a Happy Mother's Day!!

Jill said...

Such a sweet post!!
Happy Mother's Day Ivy!!!
Hugs, Jill

The Byrd's Nest said...

Truly a beautiful post.
Happy Mother's Day to both of you!

Leslie said...

Happy Mother's Day Ivy!!!!

Felicia said...

What a lovely post. I love your thankful heart and selfless spirit.

Happy Mother's Day!

Nina said...

What a beautiful thing to say... I am grateful for all the birth mothers in China who, in making the decision to let their daughters go, brought so much happiness to so many of us.

Missy said...

What a beautiful post, Ivy! Happy Belated Mother's Day!!!

Natalie said...

BEAUTIFUL post Ivy!!!

Colleen said...

Such a beautiful post {{{hug}}}c

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