Monday, July 13, 2009

A Day at the Beach

Kira had so much fun running and jumping around on the beach.  It was nearly impossible to get her to sit still, but that was the fun part!  Watching her put her feet in the water for the first time brought back so many memories for some reason.  I guess the "shore" will always be my home away from home since I practically grew up there.

These photos were taken along a NJ shoreline  if you can believe it.  Lightroom works wonders for muddy water:))  The first photo is my favorite because I caught that great look she occasionally gives me.  These were all taken with natural light around 5pm with my 50mm lens.  It was definitely fun to get to the beach, finally...if only to take a few photos!


Natalie said...

Ahhh so much fun! I have been to the beach only twice in my life. Such a lucky girl to frolic around in the sand and water.
Beautiful photo's Ivy and I am now officially jealous of Kira's wardrobe! She is just as cute as a button!
Miss ya my sweet friend.


Vivian M said...

The last picture is my favorite!

Mary Ann said...

BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL PICTURES!!! I AM SO JEALOUS! I dream of being a photograhpher! She is such a little cutie pie and you always have her dressed to a T! Stop by and visit my blog sometime. I just posted some flower hair bows that I have ready to ship.

Jewels of My Heart said...

These are just beautiful shots of your oh, so beautiful Kira.

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