Monday, June 7, 2010

June Ramblings

Yes I know, blogging has taken a back seat these days, mostly because I don't have the time, but so want to keep archiving because I love writing, it's so soothing to me and very important that I continue to journal this special child that I absolutely adore!

Of course the reason for my posts are hopefully filled with the musing of childhood as I continue to watch my baby girl do and say the silliest things. While it's been a most difficult and emotional year for me personally, I remain focused on my family and child, the passions of my life.

So here's a bit of Kira's personality at the sweet age of three.

Kira remains an incredibly sweet and affectionate child. She loves giving and receiving hugs and kisses. Most recently she is fascinated by newborns and adores peeking in a stroller and asking me to look at the baby with her. At her pre-school she adores the younger children and will even share Elmo with them. That's a huge step considering in the fall, she wanted to bite anyone that came between her and the little guy. Thank goodness she grew out of that!

She's very much a sweet and pleasant little girl who interacts with adults as much as her peers.
She has become very vocal and is quite able to make her issues known. Yes there are those "meltdown" moments, which now I know are related to hunger or exhaustion (now that I think about it, I have them too) or just wanting my attention

Her most recent interests are dressing up in her various princess outfits and playing with her little people toy house. No she hasn't forgotten about her buddy Elmo, she usually puts him to bed early, neatly tucking him under some blanket that I find behind the couch or under a table. We tried to get a cute baby carriage for her to wheel her little buddy around in, however the cat proceeded to pee in it and hence it ended in the trash. In fact the cat and the dog have been just a tad jealous, but I do try and spread my affections:))

I did catch Kira yelling at the cat (as if that cat really cared) a few weeks back. These were her words "Cat, no more peeing on my toys! You're going to go to time out, you hear me?" So on went the conversation as she shook her finger at cat. Then I couldn't help but scratch my head and say to myself "is that how I really sound"? I think so which is very funny because it doesn't take a child behavior specialist to tell me that making ideal threats of going to time out is just that!

Kira loves her new big girl bed, but I don't! Yep, I'm very co-dependent on her. On nights that I can't sleep I gently scoop her up and bring her into my bed with me. Although lately, the kick boxing to my head are getting more severe when she wants to wake me. The evenings are precious as she loves me to read to her. So I must grab at least 10 long books and we proceed to read and read and read...."momma, you're snoring" and then I awaken and read some more, till the tot drifts off into dreamland.

WHY Momma, WHY? The question that starts every sentence these days! Inquisitive child, then again I ask the same questions too when I want answers! In fact I believe that children ask why because they want more than just a simple explanation. Perhaps adults believe tots are limited in comprehension skills therefore we keep answers "short" and "simple", but the persistent "why" leaves me to believe they're fully capable of longer and simple answers. So the persistent "why is Ariel in the ocean" question was met with several different answers that kept her entertained and fascinated. I am confident that's how a good child's story gets written.

Now to my amazement Kira can manuever the computer mousepad, pick and choose her own games, trouble shoot and probably re-boot it if necessary! No longer can I hide the fact that I'm editing on the computer, she'll yell "no more puter Mommy", I just love it. After all she is right.

So that's a quick summary of my little Spicy Girl for now. It's difficult getting her on camera these days, but some of her photos are just precious.

I so adore you baby girl, you make my heart sing!


Wanda said...

I love the intense love you have for your "spicey girl".

Funny how they sound like us. Yikes - I've cringed more that once.

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