Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer is Here!

YES, summer has arrived and so have the heat waves! The 90 degree humid weather is certainly a challenge when my little tot wants to run outdoors and prefers to water the plants rather than play in her pool. However, we manage to find weeds to pick, butterflies to chase and a few cloudy days where we take advantage of some cute photos in the woods.

Yes I know you love to get your Mommy soaked! Actually this is Kira's way of getting the camera out of her face!

Recently I found a really fun place to chase bunnies and take some photos. I grab the camera and try to get Kira to "work it" for me as I bribe her with a lollipop or cookie. She's so funny after a bit of suger and will put her hands on her hip and say "work it, work it" as I snap away. Here's some of the cutest photos I've seen:))


I sort of wonder how a child instinctively knows that a rain puddle was made so that he/she can jump in it. I still can't figure this out because I haven't seen it on Dora or Kai Lan, but then again I did the same thing and there were no TV shows to mimic, well a few perhaps. So what does a Momma do when her tot comes upon a puddle of water? I SAY JUMP AND HAVE SOME FUN!!! The smallest puddle allows for some great big smiles and adventures.

Before puddle

AND after, ah how good this feels!

Yes this does bring back some fond memories as I will admit I did this too! The cool puddles felt so good on my feet as I would splash and entertain myself so effortlessly. So watching this child of mine have so much fun this day made me glad I brought my camera to capture her childish enthusiasm for simple and real fun.


Chasing Dreams Photography said...

OMG she is so cute!!!! I love the jumping picture with her adorable!!!! Kids love water don't they LOL
OK where did you get that dress????? I love it!!!

Yoli said...

Oh Ivy these pictures are precious! I LOVE, LOVE the puddle pictures! What a great Mom you are, you know the true meaning of childhood fun. Other parents would not have allowed her to get her little dress wet.

redmaryjanes said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE these photos. Darling dresses! Beautiful Baby Girl!

Jboo said...

So cute! What great photos and what a fun time! It's those simple things like jumping in puddles that we always remember, isn't it!


a Tonggu Momma said...

I loved this reminder today to let children be children, puddles and all!

my3 kids said...

Kira is so so beautiful. Love her sweet smile. Puddle jumping is an all time favorite for big and small.

Mary Ann said...

so glad to see you posting again! yay! I so enjoy reading your blog and seeing your sweet little girl! Love the pictures too as always!

Michelle@BornInOurHearts said...

What a great post!! Kira is so darn cute and how fun for her to jump in the mud puddles, looking so darling, too!! GREAT photos, Ivy!!

Gail said...

I was so delighted to see your post come up in google reader, Ivy!
Kira has such a fun personality and these pics capture it incredibly well!!! I adore the puddle pictures, LOVE how she's laying down in the water....cooling off and relaxing.

Looks like you're having a fun Summer my friend!

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