Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Beauty Beyond a Photo

"The Laughter of girls is,
and ever was,
among the Delightful
Sounds of the earth."
Author: Dequincey

So I keep telling Kira that I need some photos of her to send to her baby sister and last week she agreed to go on a photo shoot in the woods (actually) the golf course.  I would be happy if she let me do this every day, but I'll settle for every few months if I can capture images such as these.  Honestly, while I was working on them I couldn't help but think how cute her face is and then I started thinking about the second part of her surgery that will most like change some of her facial features.  I told my husband I'll let them close the palate, but "that's it"!  I love her nose and three dimples and the way she smiles and makes squinchy faces at me.  But for now I want to enjoy everything about what makes Kira so special.  Her physical beauty captivates me daily, but the beauty within her astounds me.

Kira has a way of making everything fun!

 These are her "Surprises" big sweet baby kisses for Mommy!

And of course there is her famous pouty face, but love it:))

Every now and then I capture a glimpse of the young woman she'll become and
she just has a way of melting my heart.  

At 39 inches tall and barely 30 lbs, she's still just my pint sized sweetie who delights me with her play, wisdom and her enthusiasm.

As Mother's Day approaches, this child reminds me daily how very fortunate I am to be HER Mommy!


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