Saturday, May 14, 2011

For the Love of our Daughter

Finally some new photos of our Gansu Girl that came via Fedex a week ago.  She's very cute and has those big eyes that Kira did at that age.  I can't wait to finally hold her and comfort her.  She has already been through so much recently, including studies of her kidneys and radiographs.  I am hoping when she comes home we won't have to do too much medical stuff for at least a month so bonding can occur.  

This is going to be a very big transition for all, especially for little Kira since she has been the center of my attention for the past three years.  But, I have observed my daughter with other children all year long and sometimes I can't believe what I see.  She'll bend over to comfort another crying child, or wipe their tears from their cheeks.  She's done that to me and I think, how perceptive and grown up for just a 4 yrs old.  She knows her sister has a boo boo that will need repair, but she doesn't know the extend and I don't think she can comprehend it so right now we're taking small steps.  She will be a huge part of everything we do from here on out to help bring her sister home.  That is for Certain!

My husband and I have sat down to try to tally up the financial responsibility of her life saving surgery, travel and lodging back and forth from NJ to Baltimore and other necessities.  What we didn't realize was how very expensive these incidentals will be.  Although our Adoption costs are covered, when we accepted Wu's referral we did not realize her hospitalization would be 6-12 weeks.  We had to choose John's Hopkin's for her procedure, because she only has one shot at obtaining normal bladder function this hospital is one of the top ranking hospital for the treatment of her condition.  I have no doubt this was a good decision.  There are only a handful of hospitals in this country that perform this surgery (Boston's Children Hospital, The Mayo Clinic, Seattle Children's Hospital) an well JH's seemed close enough.

It is my greatest hope that through the next few months we can raise a little bit of money so that I or my husband can stay with the baby during her hospital course.  We are looking into every possible scenario so that bonding time and Kira's routine are not inter-rupted.  With a few decent and fun fundraisers it's my hope that I get to spend at least one night a week with her while Dani is home with Kira.   Dani say's he'll sleep in the chair next to her bed and I had to laugh because having worked in many Intensive Care Units, No One Sleeps!  Not even the patients.  But I hold my hat off to him wanting to be there as much as possible.  I know it will be an exhausting and emotional time in the hours and days post-op, but I also have already spoke to some special professionals at John's Hopkins whom are more than familiar with out of town patients who come there for their expertise.

So for now we have a Fun Run, Bike Ride and some other ideas that have come our way.  I am making some awesome photography props and think that a fun auction of items for photographers would be nice to start off with.

It's difficult to ask people to help, especially in this day of a depressed economy,  but in my heart I know we can do it.  Even if we knew how much the surgery would cost before the adoption, I could never turn this child away because there are no alternatives for her.  So I'll swallow my pride and take it one step at a time!    


Yoli said...

We love you guys. Anything we can do, let us know.

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