Friday, October 28, 2011

Destination Bejing

I had full intentions of blogging from China only to find out I had no access to google blogger.  It was some what of a blessing in a way to not be on the computer as this journey was mentally and physically exhausting for us all.  Since I decided to carry my camera, I thought I would let the photographs speak for themselves.

After a 13 hour flight from JFK and 6380 miles away from NJ, we arrived safely in Bejing.  It was so exciting to be back there and I felt the anticipation starting to gain momentum.  Although exhausted, we all couldn't really sleep and just took a quick nap and then went down to the breakfast buffet (the best meal of the day).  Our Hotel was downtown this time so you could feel the hustle and bustle of this huge city.  The only thing that really annoyed me was the constant beeping of car horns and for those of you who have been to any big city in China, you know what I mean.  I find it funny in some ways that that sound was also once a way of how Americans drove here in the states, especially on the highways and byways along the east coast.  I also found it somewhat interesting that when you were in a car, taxi or bus going anywhere in Bejing, if you opened the window, you could literally touch the vehicle next to you.  As Dani kept saying "these drivers go from 8 lanes to 2 and don't even seem to look".  That's probably why we stayed close to the sidewalks and avoided crossing the streets!

First object of the day, food!

We were elated to go back to China, especially since we found out we would be traveling with a family whom we met nearly four years ago when we adopted Kira.  I thought this would be a great time to share some of Kira's heritage with her as well as introduce her to other adopted children from her birth country.   I am not sure how much she will remember of this trip, but I am sure that bringing her along played a huge role in the bonding process between Shelby and her new family.

Bejing Day 1

The big climb up the Great Wall of China!  I was so excited to go on this trek, only thing, no one mentioned "don't wear clogs".  Who knew it wasn't the steep climb up but the hike down that would have me sliding forward in my shoes and hanging on to the railing (if I could get to one) for dear life.  I had to laugh at myself because I sat down and watched hundreds of people climbing, even running up and down the steep grade.  It was exhilarating to be at one of the Wonders of the World.  Our guide was a hoot and gave us a brief history lesson and then we were on our own.  We toured with another family, whom we came to adore and Kira just wouldn't leave them alone.  She was so happy to play with other children and I was so relieved to see her in her element of play.

There were thousands of people climbing the wall, including many locals and school children.

Kira and her new family of friends talking to some Military Students.  The students all wanted photos taken with this blonde haired family!  They were very friendly and seemed to enjoy engaging in  easy conversation.

Our Fabulous Tour Guide Arthur

Kira's new pal.  The real way to climb the Great Wall.

We were all hanging on here on this incline up the other side of the wall.

This sweet lady kept me company while I proceeded to sit down for an hour's break.  Then I thought wow, she has walked at least 2 miles straight up this wall and probably does it as a daily routine.  She didn't speak any english, nor did I speak any Chinese dialect, but we managed to share some laughs and a lot of head nodding!

After a very long hike and meeting some amazing people, our fine Chariot awaited to take us back to our hotel.  What fun this day had been.


Jen said...

We took Olivia at age 4 in 2009 to meet her sister...and yes she remembers it now. What a wonderful experience! I wasn't a big fan of Beijing either but that is where our Natalie was from and we were there 8 days. look forward to following your posts


Teresa said...

Oh how I miss China and our journey there. You are at the Great Wall at very pretty time. It's nice and green. During our trip, the landscape was very brown. Congratulations on your newest addition and I look forward to seeing her in your family.

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