Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Okay so I admit I "bring everything but the kitchen sink" when I have to travel, even if it's for two nights, so imagine a compulsive ADHD mother going overseas for two weeks!  Where do I even begin and what should I bring, not so much for me but for Kira and her new sister. Also the new weight limits for luggage since we last traveled really had me narrow things down.   But after two days of packing and un-packing  I just can not control my excitement and emotions thinking that we are less than 23 hours from departure to China!  So how can I concentrate on what I need to bring:))  Guess I should have started this two weeks ago.  Anyway it's sort of fun to realize how organized I can be when I try to put my mind to it.

I am taking the necessities:  toys for babes, disinfectant wipes, cold remedies, antibiotics (both Kira and I have sinus infections), gifts for orphanage and directors and the list of lists of documents we must bring.  Then there are the tot snacks, Mom snacks and Franki Valli (Jersey Boys) CD's and Kira's favorite TV shows, her blankie and favorite sweatshirt.

We also packed a boat load of chocolate candy and twizzlers, so I can't complain that I didn't bring the right clothes, enough shirts or my instant Via Starbucks.  I took my good friend Natalie's advice and brought Easy Mac for Kira since she thinks it is a food staple around here.

I have so wanted to re-do the blog and catch up but just didn't have the time.  I am hoping we'll be able to blog or post photos from China.  Those of you who want to email, please do as I know we can easily email and Skype.

Next post will hopefully be from Bejing!


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