Sunday, May 6, 2007

A great way to spend today

A few years back, my little niece decided to pursue dancing, (of course not without a little persuasion from her "Aunt Ivy" and a few bribes that she could sleep over any time she wanted!) While I have watched her blossom into an incredible ballerina, today I went to see my eleven year old celeb. practice. For at least 30 minutes she had no idea I was there, so I was privledged to watch her from a different perspective, a serious young dancer, now practicing with seasoned professionals for an upcoming recital that she had to audition for. The studio was very hot, the dancers at least 2hrs into a 3 plus hour rehersal, and lot's of taped toes and ankles. I saw a serious girl now, all eyes on her instructor and older mentors. Her movements fluid and graceful, as beads of sweat seem to make her face gleam in the light. I stood there in complete amazement at this child's complete attention to every detail. While most kids would be home on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, Nik was pouring her heart into learning this new routine. I wanted to run up and give her this great big hug, but of course didn't want to embarass her but more importantly distract her. Then as if we were both thinking the same thing, she turned around and stuck her tongue out at me!. Yep that's the little girl I am used to seeing, I laughed and it just made my day. I guess it's worth sharing, because while I would go to every performance, I never fully understood the hard work and her committment, until I watched today. Thanks Snickerdoodle, for putting a huge smile on my face!
Oh, and then it was onto the Battle of the Siblings as we headed to the Tennis Courts for some even hotter competition. Gee, I felt old, seemed like yesterday when I could run all over the courts, guess it was the fact that I was in sandals that slowed me down today (good excuse, but I was told I looked like I was swatting at flies). Yep kids say the most delightful things! So I am keeping this to remind myself and them, what good sports we all are, and that humor really should be part of every day!
I love you Jake, Syd and Snicker!
Aunt Ivy


Laura K. said...

Just think what joy you will feel when your sweet niece and your little one are laughing, twirling and spinning together in your home.

And as for sandals, I have been told by my sisters that I will need to give them up when our child enters the toddler years. Apparently 2 to 4 years olds are remarkable fast. Keeping up will require sturdy shoes. LOL

myheartbeatsinChina said...

Hey Laura,
You are so sweet. Gee I never thought of purchasing running shoes LOL for those awesome years ahead, great idea!

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