Tuesday, May 1, 2007

I just love quilts!

Right click on the quilts for a close up picture

Thanks Melinda for making these beautiful quilts! I took some of the squares from my collection from the One Hundred Good Wishes Swap group on Yahoo, and with the amazing talent of Melinda Keppler had several crib quilts made. I received this photo today. I love it!
The first is a lap quilt that Melinda made after I sent her the border and backround. The fabric is darling and called Memoirs from China Mei Mei, with little sisters playing and celebrating life. She coordinated all the rest and what a great job, such a fine talent. Like I said I can't even sew buttons (hence velcro and zippers LOL).
The next phot is the very girly animal quilt done with the most adorable baby animal fabrics. Of course the back is PINK, and check out my favorite of the german shephard holding a stuffed cat in his mouth. That was my addition, since my pup walks around with some stuffed animal all the time, kind of like a kid with their stuffed toy!
Oh this really made a stressful day actually pretty nice. By the way I still haven't looked at my agency email. I think I will wait on that one.
Okay, now I can have another cup of coffee.
Thank you so much Melinda and Laura too!
Hugs to you both,


Anonymous said...

Those quilts look great, Ivy.

Gum Tree said...

I also love quilting(Hawaiian quilt).

The quilt you showed on your site are so lovely!


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