Monday, December 29, 2008

Almost a New Year

Whew, where did the time go?  The past few weeks have been so busy I hardly realized that it's the end of December.  I have not had any time to blog, talk on the phone or even get out all my holiday cards!  This has completely thrown my OCD into a tailspin of sorts.  I'm usually so organized.  So I've been pondering a few reasons for my inability to get anything done.

This has been a rather fun and also (unconconciously) subconsciously  emotional week for me.  I have no idea why, perhaps it's remembering this time last year when I was saying goodbye to my old life, a 28 year nursing career and co-workers as I was looking forward to new career as MOM and meeting my precious daughter!

  • Perhaps it's the fact that I look at all the Christmas and Hannukah cards and think, how fortunate we are to be celebrating with new friends!

  • Perhaps it's the immense love that I have for Kira and the realization of how big she has gotten.

  • Perhaps it's because I've looked back on my life and all those that mean so much to me, that I know longer have contact with,  but are still close to my heart.

  • Perhaps it's the constant voice of Elmo that has given me a chronic headache:))

  • Or perhaps it's complete sleep deprivation!
I usually can write just about anything but this week,  lack of time and the ability to concentrate has kept me off the computer.  

So perhaps I needed a rest from blogging, better yet from THINKING!  Yep, that's what it was, a vacation from thinking, worrying, shopping, drinking way too much my friends I think that with a good nights rest, no caffeine and a day at the spa, I should be back in form.



Kristin said...

Having a break is a good thing, isn't it?? I'll join you on your spa day!! I could use a break for sure.

Glad to know that I am not the only one who has not mailed out cards this year......yet. They are in the works but not ready to go.

Now, go enjoy your sweet Kira!!

And get some sleep. Wow, could I use a nap.

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

I am feeling the same way....the let down of the holiday is really catching up with me!and I am feeling a little overwhelmed!

Hope you get the rest and relaxation that you need!!

Happy Holidays!


Sharon said...

I hope you did get that spa day and you are already back in GREAT form!!

Natalie said...

Oh, my friend... how about a virtual decaf coffee date?
Get some rest!
I love ya

Ivy said...

Thank you my dear friends for all the welcomed advice.
Decaf sounds good, may have to try it. Spa, didn't happen, yet, anyway! Nap, still trying to figure out what that feels like!

But in the end, it's always a great day when I can share my days with the love of Kira!

Hugs to everyone!

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