Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I'm so excited that the photos of the baby and I were taken in full manual mode. Yippee (and I set them myself without the manual) Pardon the big nose shots, least the babe looks good!


I simply can't believe it's a BRAND NEW YEAR!   Whew did this year fly by!  I keep saying that, but after going through a years worth of photos in the wee hours of the morning, I realized I missed too much this year and don't want a repeat in 2009.  I think I just have to sloooow down.  Guess always working at mach speed (on a professional level,  I never took the time to just relax and enjoy.  Or could it be when I said "I do, I didn't mean, EVERYTHING" 

Well I have a beautiful daughter now and I want to enjoy every day with her, now more than ever.  In less than a week we'll be celebrating a year home with Kira and I'm sure I'll be bawling my eyes out once again (what's up with all the crying these days) as we remember the amazing journey of my lifetime.  

So I thought that instead of resolutions (which I never keep anyway) I would make more time to do the things that make me (us) happy and reflect on how precious the gift of child rearing really is.

I would like to spend more: 

  • Time to reflect on the wonderful memories of 2008
  • Yes, more time with Kira and Dani
  • Time to remember to keep those resolutions (did I really say that)!
  • Time to hope for a wonderful future for our children.
  • Time to be thankful for what we have and not what we want.
  • Time to sit back and read a mindless book (not the Biography of A. Einstein).
  • Find time, somewhere, and on some exercise device, to work my butt off (mopping floors doesn't count as caloric expenditure).
  • Time doing good deeds for others, which includes local animal shelters.
  • Time learning, observing and creating beautiful photos.
  • More time to spend with family.
  • Time to nurture friendships.
  • More time to add to this list!



Eileen said...

Good for you for figuring out manual mode!! I just found a camera guy that I actually can UNDERSTAND! He does tutorials on-line. I put a link to him on my blog today. It sounds like you've already got it though! Good for you!

kerri said...

I love your resolution list!
Thanks for dropping by my blog, we have a lot in common, Tim Horton's coffe, Nikon intimidation(it looks your way ahead of me, using manual mode, go girl)!
Stop by my blog and leave me instructions and tips on how to get some pics using something other than automatic mode, LOL, I really love the camera, it's so lightweight and the pictures are really crisp and the color so vivid(can you tell I love my cam, LOL).
I strive to take photos that look as amazing as Connie's, she has such a gift.
Thanks for stoppin by to visit. :)

Kristin said...

What sweet pictures! I love them. :-) Kira is truly a happy and loved child. It's obvious!!

Your list is great. I didn't even attempt one this year. But I will try and get into shape. Maybe I can fit into my old clothes before I give them all away. hee hee!!

Happy 2009!!

Yoli said...

Happy New Year my beautiful friends!!

Carotte Rose said...

Happy New Year from Quebec City! I wish you the best.

Kira is a beautiful child who looks so happy.

Melanie said...

Hello Ivy,
I love all your pictures of Kira and your family. We are almost 90 days waiting for our LOA. That is the majicla number so we should be gettingit soon. I cannot believe how the year has flown by. Soon we will have Jailynn home. We are still praying for God to provide and I know somehow he will. I feel the same about New year Resolutions and like your New year Wishes much better. Think I will borrow that idea.

Love your friend,

Natalie said...

Kira is just so darn cute in all f her adorable clothes. I can tell you have so much fun dressing her!

I hope that your 209 is a happy one and that we can see each other this year!

Love Ya, Miss Ya and kisses to your most adorable daughter

Anonymous said...

Time really is our most precious commodity...and something that slips away so quickly that so often we never even notice it has passed until it is too late.


Jennifer said...

The pictures are GREAT!

I need to SLOW down too. I am always in crazy mode!

Happy New Year!


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