Sunday, October 19, 2008

Elmo is her Homeboy

Playing with my lion, tiger and Elmo in my dog's bed, which is now mine!

Loves this sweat shirt which is 3 times too big.  If she's not wearing it, she snuggles with it in bed.  
Kira taking in the sites with her "portable" Elmo and her washcloth
We were going out for pizza and of course so was Elmo.  Oh the washcloth sometimes doubles as a hat.

Kira has an amazing connection to her furry toys now.  It's wonderful to watch her play.  When she first got home, she didn't want anything to do with soft, plush toys, hence her rough, plain old washcloth, which she still uses to pacify her.  But since she found the big, red, furry guy, she's a happy little camper.  She has a big Elmo to snuggle with and a little Elmo for travel purposes.  Recently she's even gotten attached to Big Bird and Zoe, Elmo's friends.  How sweet.  We even took her to Sesame Place where she got to see the real Elmo on stage.  The look on her face was precious as I wondered what she was possibly thinking.  So Elmo goes everywhere with her, even if it means wearing an Elmo tee shirt and sweat shirt to bed.  Yep, that's my girl, tee shirts and sweats!  


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