Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Tempermental 2's

Okay, so being a Mommy is exhausting, but I didn't know one day you woke up and discovered you had bags under your eyes. Today I looked in the mirror and thought, gee better put my glasses on and then it was yep, those are discolored bags under my eyes. Nothing that a little concealer can't fix, but I'm not one for makeup. So I will just have to google "eye bags" and try and figure out how I got them and how to get rid of them. I guess while I have been trying to get my upper body stronger I didn't pay attention to my bags, so to speak. Also where in that "Book that tells you everything you ever wanted to know about toddlers" does it mention one day your baby will discover that he/she can bite and will one day sample you! Yep, my sweetie pie, took a bite first out of my arm, not too bad, then my boob and that hurt! I guess I will have to wear my husband's bullet proof vest for protection against surprise teething attacks. Ouch! I suppose like all "jobs" there are associated battle scars, guess I am just glad she has her baby teeth! . But this day, the cat was drinking water from the sink and the baby discovered she can't play in toilet water. These days I am happy to have the battle scars of motherhood, rest assured they will fade as together we learn how to deal with frustrations, lack of sleep, hunger, communication and so forth

All I know is this sweet little girl learned "no", how to shake her head in defiance, hit, slap and bite, ouch! Overthe last month this behavior has gotten worse and people have reassured me that she's going through her terrible two stage. I just don't understand this developmental stage, but then again it's one of many during any child's lifetime. I think I have discovered that if I head her off at the pass, so to speak, I can usually avoid some major meltdown. My other problem is that she's so stinkin cute, even when she's mad or frustrated, it's pretty hard to find some time out for her. I had to ask my own Mom if I did these things and the answer was yes. So I'm glad this is all normal and not part of any other behavior issues. Kira just wants my attention, ALL THE TIME! She doesn't care if I am in the bathroom, kitchen, closet, laundry room or cleaning out cat litter. My little darling is right beside me, watching everything I do with a smile on her face and a look of interest.
Does my approach work all the time? Hardly, but I find that if I treat her with affection and understanding, she calms down and for any of you going through this, FORGET ABOUT REASONING WITH ANY CHILD WHEN THEY ARE TIRED and need a nap, which is when they are more likely to act out. So while some of the books and docs are right (especially about consistency) each child is different. I don't like to see my sweetie cry, and lately she will take a fall, or hurt a toe and not make one sound, but if I'm on the phone, or answering emails, here come the crocodile tears, flooding the floor. Oh, how does such a tiny peanut know to how to lay it on so heavy! Even I can't do that, well maybe I did. it's like acting, crying on cue.
Actually my dear friend Yoli told me to just hold her through the entire tantrum. I try that most times and she will eventually fall asleep in my arms. Thanks Yoli because this technique really works nicely rather than letting a child "cry it out on the floor".
So now I wonder how long does it last? Hopefully another month or two! The books say it can all last till age 3. Guess I'll find out soon enough. Meanwhile lots of play and one on one are working wonderfully. Hooray, I am doing something right!


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