Friday, October 17, 2008

Running for Pumpkins

This child just loves to run
and run
and run!  Hey wait for me. Don't ya love those shoes.  Too cute!
Mommy, can the yellow chicken come with?
Oh, such a sweet face.  She loves flowers and we found this daisy basking in the sun

Guess Pumpkins don't grow up in the trees, so where are they?
ooh, found some Pumpkins, they grow on steps near houses.

I just love the east coast in the fall. After such a hot summer, it's so nice to take a walk with Kira by my side and enjoy the fresh air. Yes, occasionally NJ does have fresh air, you just have to get out early in the morning to take advantage of it! This week we had beautiful weather and every morning we walked as I would point out colors, the chirping of birds or just the pretty changing colors of the trees.

Since our little chick is speech delayed due to her palate issue, I am trying to talk at every chance I get to her so that she hears different sounds and words. I think those that know me will think, this is not a difficult task and she's a rather interesting student! It's funny because she won't sit still enough for me to get through 1 page of a book, so instead I just make things up as we go along. I do hope no one is listening as I walk hand in hand with my peanut and sing, talk and make up silly stories for her.

Okay, so these are the photos I took on this wonderful fall day, as I walked, and Kira ran in her new shoes!

Pumpkins in the cornfields
Gold among the brown
Leaves of rust and scarlet
Trembling slowly down
Birds that travel southward
Lovely time to play
Nothing is as pleasant
As an autumn day!
author unknown


Amie@HeartSmiles said...

These pictures are great!! Love the ones where she is running! Such JOY!

What a little cutie!


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