Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Introducing our Hunan Beauty, Kira Bella

Everyday I gaze down at Kira and realize how fortunate we are to have her as our daughter. She is so amazing, always happy, smiling, entertaining and full of toddler energy. She bonded quickly to both of us and since I now stay at home with her, she won't let me out of her sight, so I began taking her to Mommy and Me classes and other activities to get her more socialized with children of various ages.
Recently she learned to skip, jump and walk up the stairs! Yep, not my favorite thing for her to do of course, but she learned how to disarm the gate, and so up she goes. Her favorite friend is her dog, my huge shephard, who doesn't like being confused for a pony. However the baby doesn't realize that and therefore likes to sit on him and give him big hugs.
Since Kira's palate repair, she's learned so many new sounds and oh, how Iove to hear that baby babble. She's a bit behind in speech because of that, but certainly understands everything I say. She is trying so hard to make words and actually does say,
apple (which means ball), cat, Mamma, Ad (Dad), lion and light. Yep her first words aren't even the easiest to say, but hey, she's saying them. Sometimes she gets so excited to hear her voice she just yells ga ga ga or ya ya ya in the middle of a store. Everyone around us just cracks up! Oh, guess I should mention she's not shy for attention.
Yes this charming little girl, our daughter, is a true treasure that indeed was WORTH THE WAIT!



Mark and Terri said...

Oh so cute! I love the photo with the pink bow in her hair. ;)
still waiting...

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