Sunday, November 30, 2008

Catching Up

This week I have so much catching up to do. I so enjoy writing, blogging and photography...I could spend countless hours chatting with my friends and taking photos of the baby. There is a 100 page digital photo book I'm trying to finish, which captures some of the highlights of Kira's first year home. It's so hard to do, because every day with her IS a highlight and selecting only certain photos limits what ever creative side I have. However, I really want to finish it as it will be a special book from me to her.

My latest adventure is I am searching for a new DSLR and have been paying close attention to my favorite Mamarazzis out there. I am quite impressed! I can't make up my mind and keep going back and forth between the new Nikon D90 and Canon EOS 40D series. Open to suggestions. I want to be able to get creative as I did years back with my old Canon AE-1. Then I'll have to add a photo shop element to my computer too! Oh so much shopping to do!

Yesterday we all went to Sesame Place in Philadelphia. It was a trip to see Kira's face light up when that big, furry, red (dirty) Elmo came sauntering by! I still don't understand the fascination with him. But Kira loves Elmo, one of the few 2 syllable words she can actually pronounce clearly. But that annoying voice, gets to me after an hour or so. But if it helps Kira to speak, guess I can put up with that annoying voice!

Went on a spinning Tea Cup Ride, who's idea was that!
Adorable Olivia and Kira hanging out


Kristin said...

My girls loved Elmo too! In fact, it's the only friend AG will sleep with at night. She became attached to him at 18 months of age and hasn't let go since.

Glad you had a fun time!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

I am just catching up too!!

It has been a crazy couple of days....Hope you enjoyed your holiday weekend....looks like you had fun!!

I know you asked about my camera....I am a Canon girl....I shoot with a EOS 40D and I love it! As for comparing the two, I probably wouldn't be much help...I have always bought Canon products!!

I will send you am email by tomorrow...I am so behind!!

Takc Care,


Yoli said...

Get the Nikon D90 and skip the kit lens.

See you soon,

Jennifer said...

Love the picture of you and Kira in front of the tree. My husband's hobby is photography. He purchased the Canon EOS 40D back in July. He loves it. I love it too but I am not using it to it's full potential. I only know how to shoot in automatic.

We had season passes to Sesame Place this year. Katie had a blast! We are less then 10 minutes from Sesame.


My Heart Beats In China said...

Oh thanks ladies for the initial camera suggestions.
I may just have to step up to a pro camera since I find myself updating one every other year or so.
I actually loved my Canon too! I don't think it took a bad photo. Lot's of interchangeable lenses and filters.

Going to the store tomorrow to check them both out!

Will let you all know. thanks for the opinions. Very much appreciated.


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