Saturday, November 8, 2008

Fall Follies

It amazes me how Kira is still discovering the world around her. As I sit and watch her play, babbling, interjecting a word here and there, I often wonder if she remembers anything from her early days in the orphanage. Some say she doesn't, but I know she has changed from a shy little baby into a bubbly, happy toddler, who hugs my legs every chance she gets. Is her clinginess and need for only Mommy age appropriate or is it something common to being orphaned? I don't know, I don't even know if the experts know. It's so frustrating wanting to do everything for her...up until this week, when Kira realized she does have some control and insisted from now on she eats by herself, with her utensils, her fingers! Oh, the fun, as food went everywhere! It reminded me of some kind of food fight, only with one little person doing all the tossing. Well, she laughed, I grabbed the cleaner and paper towels and went to work.
So in the following pictures, there's a sockless chickie, who decided to put her shoes on and take off her leggings and do things her way. I should be excited that she's doing age appropriate tasks, but this month only reminds me of how fast time has gone by. Though she is still so babyish, she's truly changing, entering the toddler years, and trying very hard to be independent, maybe stubborn is the real word I'm searching for. Then again, aren't we all!

Another beautiful day that Kira and I enjoyed as we walked around gazing at the foliage. Nothing like fall on the east coast!



Qiuqiu's parents said...

Lovely! Thanks.
...and you had to put the Dumbo lullaby, the one that makes me cry each and every time I hear it, no matter how many years pass.

EllieNat said...

What beautiful autumn pictures!

Colleen said...

Your daughter is adorable!! Thank you for stopping by my blog "The Nutty Chic boutique". I didn't make a ton of tutu's this year because life got crazy. Hopefully next year I can make more...I love the pumpkin tutu too : )

My Heart Beats In China said...

Oh Maia,
Every song on this thing makes me cry silly woman

Yoli said...

Oh Ivy, she has grown so much. It seems like only yesterday we were in China.

Carotte Rose said...


I found your blog with my sister's help! Your daughter is adorable. She looks so happy.

I fell in love with your dog!

You are an excellent photograh!
Welcome to my blog.

Vivian M said...

Beautiful pictures! Fall is one of my favorite seasons.

Nicole said...

Oh you have to check my blog out and see our little one snuggling up to our beloved Willow, the dog too. When i saw your pics i just smiled-sounds like you have the sweetest dog in the world too! I love the pic where she has flowers on his head! aaaaaaahhhh-got to LOVE the big doggies!
Great blog!
love your many pictures,

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

So incredibly precious.. that is so great that Ivy is doing stuff that is for her age... that she is showing her independence... I sometimes wonder if the kids do remember stuff from the orphanages... if only we could read their minds... I think that they do remember it... just as they get older it is all pushed to the back of their minds... who really knows except them in their little minds...

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