Friday, November 21, 2008

Where did this week go


January 2008

I just realized that it's Friday!!! I have been thinking all day that it's Thursday, so now I recall why certain people on the other end of the phone or emails must have thought this gal is a day late! My heedless state of forgetfulness has me wondering what else was did I miss this week! Nothing new on the political front, locally it's the same, so without the television, work schedule or calender, I literally lost track of time. So now I wonder how did I do that?

After meeting some new friends recently, I have seen how long some of these families are waiting for their referrals. Some over 2 years and I remember how I would just count the days, then the months and think how unbearable the wait was going to be. I had no idea it would approach 3 years. Time seemed to stand still during the months we were waiting. I can only say that I respect all of the families that are still waiting or have just begun their journey's, for their ability and tenacity to endure the wait. That truly was the most difficult part of adopting.

Now that we have our sweet daughter, time just flies by. I think this new role, keeps me busy and my days are not focused on a work schedule but rather the working schedule of my little toddler. She now defines my day and in some ways has lightened my spirit.
I no longer worry about the minutiae in the world, but instead concentrate on her. Okay so I admit, there are things that I do for myself, like talk to my friends, go to the library, get a Starbucks latte and so forth. The daily Starbucks run has turned into a weekly or maybe bi-weekly treat. Since I started this website and have gone back to view our trip, it has become so obvious how much Kira has grown. Yes, it's a great thing, but I also realized how much I now missed from her first year. That part makes me sad; to not know if she was held when she cried, or fed when she was hungry. I guess I will always have questions just like Kira will when she is older. Now as her Mother I want to be prepared to answer her future questions, but then again, she may not ask any at all.
I guess I just figured out, when you're enjoying what you are doing or where you are, time is not a factor. Sort of like being on vacation, only you don't leave the boat for excursions!
So my sweet baby, this was one great week with you, and I look forward to so many more weeks and years.


Alyson and Ford said...

Beautiful words!
Wish I could stay at home with my snugly new daughter.

Alyzabeth's Mommy for Nine Weeks

Vivian M said...

Time really does fly once our kids come home. What a sweet post to share with Kira someday.

Jonni said...

Hi Ivy,

Would you mind emailing me at I wanted tosend you an email but don't have your email address. Thanks. :)

Your daughter is gorgeous and what a sweetheart. I know what you mean, the wait was so hard but you do just kind of forget how long it was when you bring your sweet baby home. I also know what you mean about the first year that they were not in our care. I also think about that and I remember when Sofia was home for 11 mos. I felt so good that she was now home with us longer than she was in her SWI.


Yoli said...

Once we have our children home, time does seems to run through our fingers like sand.

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