Monday, June 4, 2007

All I want for my Birthday Is our Daughter

After 5 cups of coffee, no chocolate and some good retail therapy, I am still hanging in there! It's the first week of the month again, and we wait patiently to find out how fast or slow waiting families are receiving their referrals. We still have at least another 12mths and sometimes the waiting just gets unbearable.

However, this month is special. I, along with my nephew Jake, will be celebrating our Birthdays on the same day! Yep, I was there when he showed his face to the world for the first time, and what a cute face it was and still is. Now 15 years later, I wonder how he got so tall and can kick my butt on the tennis court (then anyone can do that). So I realized, when you are really not paying attention to time, it just flies by without you knowing it! Guess that was the big light bulb moment that came on in my head. Not paying attention to the long wait will result in less intake of chocolate, coffee and birthday cake. My wonderful husband keeps asking me what I would like for my birthday and I keep telling him
Okay, time for a tissue and a reality check here. It's hard being "Paper Pregnant" for 19months or more, but I will stay true to our dream, because, somewhere in China a little girl will wait for us while we wait with open arms for her.


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