Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Advice from Holt

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Every month a wonderful newsletter comes out from our agency. A few weeks ago I was asked if they could publish some witty comments I made about how to deal with the long waiting times. Actually all I did was follow the advice of Jania, who told me to have "fun" during the wait, so I followed her advice and did the following:
-Went on a great vacation
-Started back to college, again, now 2 course to go (will graduate with my stepson)!
-Re-decorated the house$
-Learning Mandatory Yoga!
-Accepted that you can eat ice cream and not feel guilty.
-Realized that calling Oregon and chatting with the China Team is very good Therapy!
-Day dreaming officially allowed, when not at work.
-Buying girly clothes is so much fun.
-Staying close with my adoption Mama's to be keeps me sane.
-Met our new neighbors, we finally have friends LOL
-Keeping a monthly journal for our little girl
-Have 3 quilts made alreaady!
-Learning to not dwell on this long wait, (just please pray it gets a wee shorter)

What is very exciting to me is that the front page features a little girl named Kira, another "Red Thread Connection" I say. Wow, it made happy.

Thanks Holt China Team for allowing me to help others get through this wait as well.



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