Wednesday, June 6, 2007

To Kira (waiting for us somewhere in China)

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I love you in my heart, it is all that I can do.
but soon, Sweet Kira, we will be holding you.
I think about that day and how happy we will be,
All the while I will remember of how you came to me.
We will travel around the world when the CCAA says "go",
To meet you dear child, hold you close not wanting to let go.
We promise all our love and will teach you properly;
Yet thru the years I will remember how you came to me.
As we wait, we realize how this house needs your laughter.
Yet as I sit to write this, I realize that finally we'll become a family
Forever after!
So for now, please know how very much you're loved.
Until we meet sweet darling, I'll think of your beautiful future to be,
Never forgetting, just how you got to me.
You have captured my heart, Kira Bella
Your Mama to be
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Brandi said...

I LOVE the name Kira. Unfortunately my husband does it did not make our list of possible names :(

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