Saturday, February 7, 2009


My dear friend Daleea is doing what she does best, selflessly helping others!  She emailed me to advice me of the second annual fundraiser for the Starfish Home in China, inquiring if I could pass on information regarding important needs.

If you click on the the Starfish blog you'll see why I couldn't pass up this opportunity to help. There are so many beautiful babies waiting to have surgeries, that's the problem, they are waiting!   Waiting for sponsors and money to have the necessary surgeries that will probably save their lives.  

Amanda de Lange, is a teacher from South Africa who somehow found it in her way to Asia to work with children.  She is working with provincial orphanage officials, taking in babies that are in the most desparate need of medical attention.  There they are placed on a strict nutritional program to prepare them for upcoming surgery.  Amanda does the scheduling for surgery and also pays for it.  Even more astonishing is that she accompanies each baby to the provincial hospital, often staying by his/her side till recovered and able to travel back to Xi'an. 
Currently she has 30 children of which there are nine babies from 10 days old to 11 months who are in her direct care in Xi'an, China.  This is a list of items that has been requested:

Vicks 5
Tylenol 10
Motrin 17
Sunscreen 2
Oatmeal 20
Craisins 12
Teething Tablets 4
Onesies 21 (there are more than this because I counted packages as one)
Shoes 35
Boots 3
Pants 3
Coats 17
Shorts 18
Sleepers 106
Girls Outfits 88
Sheet 1
Bottles 6
Boys Outfits 48
Sweaters 15
Gloves 3
Booties 6
Socks 35 (there are more because I counted packages as one)
Sun Hats 9
Bibs 17 (there are more because I counted packages as one)
Baby Hats 19
Hats 3
Shirts 58
T-Shirts 22
Sweats 16
She does need: infant liquid vitamins and teething tablets, along with the infant tylenol and motrin

If you want to send any of the above items, please email me and I'll give you the address.


"with 30 little mouths to feed.Starfish Foster HomeXian ChinaAt Starfish, we have taken care of 67children to date, arranged almost 50 surgeries and had a whopping 18 international adoptions, so our little alumni live all over the globe: the US (latest adoptions to Kentucky and New Jersey), Netherlands, Norway and Spain. Two children are matched at the moment waiting for their families. We currently have 30 babies under the age of 3 1/2 at the foster home".
So let's all pass the word  around and try to get these babies their surgeries!

Thank you all for taking the time to read this and reaching out to help. 


Felicia said...

My good friend just brought home a Starfish cutie. Thanks for this post...they're a great organization to support.

Jewels of My Heart said...

Oh, Ivy,
thank you for the love of the children and for your beautiful heart.... always reaching out to help.
I am humbled by your oh, so kind words.... I aspire to live up to them one day through the help of my Jesus.
God bless you my friend and God bless the children.

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