Monday, February 2, 2009

Old and New

I added these photos after I was playing around with the saturation and sharpness.  I loved this photo but there is some blurring.  

Just posted this photo because I love the expression on Kira's face and it somehow captures her oh so pretty eyes.  

While I am not a member of my favorite photography blog "We Picture This", I follow it closely because I now personally know some of these talented Mamarazzis.  It is a great way to learn this wonderful hobby I have always loved, especially after I moved to Colorado. 

It was there that I realized I could see beauty through the eye of a camera.  Though I never considered myself artistic, there was never a photo I didn't like creating when shooting the Rocky Mountains or the tiny plants that grew at the base of the timberline.  What a beautiful state and yes I do miss living there!  However, there's always a photo op if you keep your eyes open. 

So here's my interpretation of this month's theme "Old and New".

I so love to watch Kira and how she interacts with new things around her.  She seemed to know that this bracelet was delicate and touches it with such gentleness.

There is so much sentiment that goes into this photo. This charm bracelet was a gift from my parents to me while we waited for Kiras' referral. I called my blog then "Waiting for our Ladybug" and as you can see, Kira too, has a love for ladybugs. However, there are two other important charms on this bracelet, one a charm that was on my Grandmother's bracelet that represented her love for baking, and the other, a heart shaped charm that has my name and birth date on it, given to my mother by my father. Three generations of love on this beautiful bracelet.

Nikon D90
Mode: Auto
Lens: Nikkor 18-105mm f 3.5-5.6
ISO: 400
Aperature: f 5.6
Shutter: 1/100s
Focal length: 105mm
No flash


Anonymous said...

What beautiful pictures!

Marla said...

Very pretty pictures, and I love the story behind the bracelet!

Leslie said...

Hi Ivy,
I've been such a horrible bloggy friend. Your photo's are beautiful. Doesn't a good camera make a big difference in what you want to capture?

Good job my friend.

Jennifer said...

Beautiful photos and beautiful story


Yoli said...

You deserve to be in the company of those mamarazzis, you are very talented Ivy! Love those picture of Kira, especially you grabbing her little toe!

Colleen said...

The pictures are beautiful!!!

Jewels of My Heart said...

Looks like you girls have been having fun! Love the pics of your sweet, beautiful girl and what a special bracelett.

Michelle said...

Beautiful photos and a great story behind them!! What a special bracelet.

Vivian M said...

What a beautiful story behind that bracelet. Great photos!

mommy24treasures said...

what a beautiful post Ivy! Love it.

Sharon said...

such a precious post! What a special heirloom and pictures to capture it!!!!

Laura said...

What a treasure. Love the photos.


redmaryjanes said...

Your photos are absolutely beautiful!

Rebecca said...

I absolutely love your contribution to this theme... what an endearing story surrounding those precious photos!!

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