Monday, February 16, 2009

The way I see it

I just had to have a Starbucks! My one vice is coffee and soy lattes a must. I was so addicted to them on a daily basis when I worked, one would think it was a food group I created, because I skipped lunch to walk across the street and get my venti sugar free vanilla soy latte. I can proudly admit to now being an ex=latteholic who can now enjoy this drink once a month or two. Yep, there's no Starbucks near my home and since I will also confess to being a coffee snob, well, I'll just make my own!

Anyway, while daydreaming in the car, I looked at the side of the cup and this is what it said:

There is a subtle difference between a mission and a promise.
A mission is something you strive to accomplish
A promise is something you are compelled to keep.
One is individual, the other is shared.  When a mission and a promise are one and the same, that's when mountains are moved and races won".
~Hala Moddelmog
President and Ceo
Susan G. Komen for the Cure

How beautiful and fitting I thought.  Sometimes when you want to do something you feel as if your a small fish in this big sea.  I guess reading this over and over I realized, hey I can help the babies at Starfish, I can help Amanda and I will help Jailynn.  The auction for Jailynn has been going very well and the second round is about to start this week.  Many amazing people have donated their time and talents to providing me with the most adorable clothes.  Some are also making blankets for the Starfish Home.  I sent out about 30 emails or more and only really expected a small return, yet instead got a dozen or so interested sellers from that were more than happy to participate.  I am so grateful to them all, so talented and giving.
So please check out Jailynn's Prayer and see for yourself!  Even if you leave a comment of inspiration, it will be something that Melanie (Mommy to Jailynn) can read.  As a follow up the Kerr Family has received their TA, but are still struggling to get the monies needed.  We'll do what we can and I know that little girl will be home before she knows it.

Thanks everyone!  Enjoy the new designer items on the blog.

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