Monday, February 9, 2009

Photo Preparedness and everything else I happened upon

OH MY GOODNESS!  ACTUALLY, THAT'S NOT EVEN CLOSE TO THE EXPLICATIVE I WOULD USE TO DESCRIBE THE PHOTOS OF Deb and Lisa!  While they are two naturally, gifted photographers, Lisa recently took the photo course that Jen, Kate and I are going to attend at the end of April.   We are all so excited and can't wait.

In the meantime, in order to prepare for this course, I am trying to learn as much about this habit of mine as possible.  So yes, there is a book called the Nikon D90 for Dummies and Yes I ordered it!  While the title may sound cute, don't let it fool you, because the inside is like reading an encyclopedia in pig Latin.  I just want to get to know my camera a bit better.  It's very technical with a slow learning curve (at least for me).  But hey yesterday I was SHOOTING IN RAW AND DIDN'T EVEN KNOW IT, that is until I looked at the huge files it created:))

Now,  I say to myself, what button did I accidentally push to get RAW.  It's not like there is this huge RED BUTTON THAT STICKS OUT AND SAYS "HEY PUSH THIS FOR RAW FORMAT". No, it's just not that easy to "accidentally" get into this format because to get back to jpeg normal format, you press at least one button, scroll down into the menu, then over to your selection, and then press OK.  I couldn't have done that by accident (which my husband insists I did).   It must have defaulted or something!  Ha, that's funny, I'm blaming the camera!

Okay, so I now anxiously await my new reading material, which by the way doesn't include Photoshop for Dummies.  I need the Idiot's guide on PSE and I know it's around somewhere!
Leave a comment if you know where I can buy it!

This was about as close as I could come to the Idiot's guide to Photoshop Essentials.  I mean I need something quick and easy here.  Nothing too detailed (even if the program is).  
Then I found this book.  Yes I am onto something now.  We will use this program a lot from what I hear.

And there is a PSE 6 for Dummies...go figure!  I just learned how to master Mac and iPhoto.   

Then I found this and thought, where was this book when I needed it!

Then I stumbled upon these...non-fiction or fiction?
Virtually a book for every field, complaint, political agenda, current affairs, history, and so on.

While I found the necessary reading material, I am hoping that in the next few weeks I can actually learn a thing or two on my own.  I intend to sneak over to Borders for coffee and an armful of books to bury my head in as well.   Yes I am determined to learn what I can and make the most out of this amazing technical device that with the click of a button will preserve a priceless moment in time!


Colleen said...

Hey I'm taking the class in May I think I need a few of those books LOL I'm just nervous about going to manual...: 0

Jen said...

ha--i know there is such a thing as RAW..haven't investigated it yet though! i think it will eat up my memory card....and i don't have photoshop so i think i will avoid that book! just have fun with the new camera. thank goodness we can delete the bad photos and not wait until the film is developed!

Jonni said...

I am so excited about that class Debbie is doing as well. How great that you can attend in April. I am going to try to make the MI one. I was blown away by the photos those ladies were creating....WOW! I cracked up when I read all of the for Dummies titles. But seriously, those books are great. I got one for PS CS2 and I enjoyed it so much. Can't wait to see more photos...


kerri said...

I need few of those books!
I have investagated shooting in the raw(that sounds like I'm holding the camera naked, LOL), I need more pratice, a LOT more, LOL.
I wish I could fly down and take the workshop, oh how I wish!!
Enjoy every second!!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

AAAHHH....I might have taken a couple of great pictures and learned some cool things in post processing, but there is NO WAY my name should even be uttered in the same sentence with Debbie's.....she is truly a gifted photographer and I am just emulating what she taught me. I guarantee you will all be taking the same type of photos you see posted on my blog by the time you are finished with her workshop!!

You are too funny with the books.....don't worry and just have fun with it:)

Hope you have a great day....and happy reading..LOL!

a Tonggu Momma said...

Y'all put me to SHAME with your photos. I know you'll learn a lot in class. Have fun and enjoy!!!!

But... umm... the neurosurgery book for dummies scares me. A lot. Because I want someone with a brain to cut open my brain. Ya know?

Jennifer said...

I am so nervous about this class can I just tell you!! I don't think I am prepared at all. Dan is so much better than me.


Vivian M said...

I have no clue how to use my camera, I just click and shoot.

Kate said...

Me too, Ivy...tryig to learn some new things every chance I get...but I am not nervous abou the workshop. Debbie is the sweetest, kindest, non-judgemental person you will every meet...and so, even though I know nothing...I know I will feel comfortable to just ask questions or admit she is sepaking photographese (did I just make up a word????) will be FUN!!!! And even if we only learn one thing and have some laughs along the way...we are good to go!!


3 Peanuts said...

Hi Ivy---thanks for stopping by. I just began a photography p[orject 365 on my photg blog. I also am taking Debbie's class next week in Austin:) Sounds like you will be READY for her class. I look forward to seeing what you do.


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